May 4, 2012

The awesome and Channing Tatum's butt

So, the Mr. is an awesome husband.

The other day, he brought home some bootlegged DVDs.  Of course most of them were action guy movies, but one wasn't.... one movie in the bunch was a girly movie.  A movie just for me.  A movie that I really wanted to see.  It was this movie:

I started jumping up and down like a little girl begging to us pretty please with sugar on top to watch that movie over the five other guy action movies.  HE SAID YES.

Yippee.... that's why he is awesome.   Because clearly the movie wasn't on his top list, but for that night, it was because it was on top of my list. 

Awesome sauce.

The movie was FANTASTIC..... and it had me clutching at my heart... tears getting ready to stream down my face... and made me smile and giggle.  Awesome movie and I recommend it to anyone. 

Such an inspiring movie.

To the Mr., thanks for letting me watch my girly movie and you even being interested in it.  You are awesome.  But remember, I am more awesome. Just sayin....

The movie had Channign Tatum.... I got to see his naked body including  a FULL NAKED BUTT VIEW... sweet jesus.... bless his heart.

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~