Apr 5, 2012

Random musings

  • I have a three day weekend!!!  This is the first job that I have had which gives us Good Friday off.  Woooo
  • I still haven't unpacked from our vacation which we came back on Monday.  I hate unpacking!
  • The hubs and I had so much fun on vacation.
  • My puppy finally went to the groomer's yesteray and now she looks all skinny.  Her hair grows LONG.
  • I slept like crap last night.  Tummy was hurting and I was super thirsty all night long... weird.
  • I am so excited for Maundy Thursday church service tonight.  It's one of my favorite services and I feel at such peace.
  • GOD is good.
And to have some fun with other bloggers have been posting... here is what is currently going on in my wacko mind -

Listening...to Celine Dion.
Eating... tums becuase I have heartburn. Ugh!
Drinking... smart water!
Wearing.... blue lacy top (oh yeah!) with a beaded lion on it (I am a Leo so this is totally appropriate) and jeans.  Gotta love my job!
Feeling... sick with this stupid heartburn!
Weather... beautiful day to go out and take a walk and snap some pictures.
Needing... a pina colada!
Wanting... love and peace for all of my friends and family.
Thinking... on how lucky I am to be on this earth one more day. Thank you God.
Enjoying... LIFE!!!!   with a side of giggles. :)
Happy Thursday bloggy peeps!


Unknown said...

Heartburn is the worst, I get it all the time! I hope you enjoy your three day weekend. Happy almost Easter!

KatiePerk said...

Welcome back! Enjoy your 3 day weekend!!