Apr 17, 2012


I am working on financials at work.  I had a lot of numbers to write down and add up and compare to budget vs. actualf or fiscal year.  Yep, all that business talk.

So, since I need to triple check my numbers, I asked my co-worker for a pencil.  They looked at me like I have lost my mind.  Apparently, people don't use pencils anymore.  I guess if I was seven it would be OK to be using a pencil.

So, here's to adults using pencils at work! Let's call it "Use A Pencil Today Day".

Yeah, I'm corny.  Trust me, the hubs always lets me know. 


Lindsey said...

This is funny because I order office supplies at work and I was recently asked to order pencils and it was so random to me because I never use pencils, haha!

ME! said...

It's like that commercial where everyone has their smart phones or tablets and they make fun of "Joe" who still uses a pen.

Some people just LIKE to use the real deal and not use a gadget. But whatevs. LOL!