Apr 13, 2012

Oh hey, it's Friday

It's Friday.... which means time for the weekend...which means more crap to do.  Serioulsy, I don't even look forward to weekends anymore because they are all filled up with tons of stuff to do. Granted, some of the stuff is fun, but it would be nice to have a whole weekend where I can sleep in and DO NOTHING.

Tomorrow is a busy day.  Going to try to take the dog to the dog park tomorrow morning so she can play.  We will be gone for a workshop meeting from around 12-5 so I want to tire the pup out before then so she can have a nice long nap while we are gone.

Sunday, meeting up with the girly friends to catch up over coffee and dessert.  Super excited.

Besides that, just hoping I can relax a little bit amidst all the errands that need to get done. 

Still feeling a bit frustrated about the whole work situation.  But, trying to get through it.  Eh... it's life.

Oh and allergies have taken over my body.  Luckily, the only allergy sympton I have is itchy red water dried eyes... but when you wear contacts, it's HORRIBLE. And I have yet to find drops for the eyes that are OK to use with contacts that are made for allergy symptons.  Not the simple re-wetting contact drops.  I can't take any allergy medicine either because they have a stimulant which makes your heart race a bit more.  Did you know that?  Well, I found out after my whole heart situation and how it likes to beat extra fast.... so that's a no no for me.  Any natural remedies for allergy eyes????

I have tons of pictures to upload this weekend from bridal showers to vacation.  Will share my best ones with you all hopefully next week.... it will help brighten up the mood!

Have a blessed day bloggy friends.

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Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

My allergies are murdering my head right now too. Hope you're having a good little Saturday!