Apr 9, 2012

Instagram fun

So Android now has Instagram. I am on it. Newlywedgiggles.

I am having fun with tweaking the photos around. It is weird how filters can really alter a photo and the interpretation of it.

Just makes me miss my camera and the time I would take for photography. I am NOT a photographer, but I took classes in college and I enjoy taking photos with the skills I learned for myself. It is my hobby. :)

So, now I am on the hunt for a photo challenge. Can anyone recommend some?


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

No photo challenges but I'm in love with instagram now that it's available for android phones!

Unknown said...

Photo a day is big on instagram. It just started so you have time to catch up. I can send you the list if you want.

ME! said...

A personal challenge? Or one that is posted somewhere?