Apr 27, 2012

Fur Baby Friday!!

Time to show off the pups.

Let me give you a run down of what Sadie has done this week.
  • Went to the dog park with mama while pop pop worked and ran like the wind
  • Went to Pooch Play grand opening and got to run around their day care facilities and got a whole shopping bag worth of free stuff!
  • The hubs failed to lock her crate when he left for the work the other day.  She was roaming our house for eight hours doing whatever she wanted which included eating the hubs slippers, peeing on my bedroom floor, and dragging little foam pieces from slippers ALL OVER MY APT.
  • Has been getting up before 6am to use the bathroom and play. Ugh.
But besides that, she has been cute as always!

Exhausted from the doggy park.  This is the ONLY time she ever fell asleep in the car ride home.
Taking a nap while hugging her toy before I left for work in the AM.  Precious!
Make sure you all link up!!!!!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


becky said...

Sadie was a busy girl. I'm sure she just had to find something to do for that whole time. They're so cute...it's hard to get really mad at them. Hope Sadie can come over and share her picture with us at reinventingtheordinary.com on Monday. Its' our first Pet Photo Party...it'll be held once a month. Each month a prize to one linkee. This month the gift is a nice blanket. Hope to see Sadie there..by the way...Team Edward all the way.

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