Mar 27, 2012

Stupid car garage

So, I want to start this post off by asking for prayers for a friend who is in the hospital in critical condition.  Unfortunately, he was hit by a car while crossing the street... and the asshole kept going and didn't stop.  So, we can use all of your prayers. 

We were at the hospital yesterday for a couple of hours.  As you can imagine, we were mentally and physicall exhausted.  I drove to the hospital with my sister and my parents drove in their car.

We say our goodbyes and head to the cars. My  mom says, I am on the fourth floor.  My sis and I are on the first floor.  When we get into the car, I take about five minutes to setup my phone with the bluetooth again.  Finally, I pull out of the spot and start heading to the exit.  As we are driving down the ramp, I say "Is that mami and papi?"  We see my parents walking around.  I pull up and ask them what's wrong.  My mom says they can't find the car.  So, we tell them hop in and we will drive them to find their car.  Now, I am thinking this is a simple car garage that goes up and goes down.


This car garage splits into two levels, left and right.  No joke, we drive up and down about four times and we can't find the car.  We are frustrated at this point.  I ask my parents, "when you walked to the elevator, which way did you walk, left or right?". My mom says right, my dad says left.  Me and my sister bust out laughing.  Unbelievable.  Then my mom says that they parked on the first floor.  I am like, "wait a minute, in the elevator you said 4!".  Giggles continue.  I finally just park the car and realize that their car must be on the left side, the side you can't get to with the car because of the way it is split.  So I tell my parents to stay in the car and that me and my sis will go out running to look for the car on the other side since it's so cold outside. 

We get out, and split going up and down.  FINALLY,  I spot my parents car.  So my sisters hops in their car to drive down to the exit while I run back to my car.  Drive down the exit and meet my sister down there.  All this took about 45 minutes.

Lesson to be learned:  Don't ever leave your parents alone in a car garage.  And ALWAYS remember where your car is. 

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Heather @ Simple Wives said...

So sorry about your friend! Sending a prayer up.