Mar 22, 2012

Random Musings Thursday

And here goes the list of the most random things running through my head.....
  • Didn't mean to scream at you with the first bullet point..... :)
  • My puppy woke me up at 6am today. Mama was not a happy camper.  She's lucky she's cute.
  • I spent an hour and half waiting at the vets office yesterday with Sadie for a follow up appointment for her leg lameness.  We spent two and half minutes seeing the vet for her to tell me she was good to go and keep up the glucosamine treats.  I got home two hours later.  It was such a FML two hours yesterday.
  • My puppy is OK!  Just a regular loose knee cap thing that is common in dogs like her.  All we have to do is add glucosamine supplement to her diet.  yay!
  • People get butt hurt so easily nowadays.  You can't say ANYTHING without people jumping down your throat. Geez
  • I have an awesome best friend who will always listen to me and tell me when I am right AND wrong.  Blessed to have her in my life.  Love ya Raff!!!
  • We leave to Miami a week from today! SO. GOSH. DARN. EXCITED
  • I'm in Miami bitch!
  • I want to move to the South.  I firmly believe that I should have been a southern belle.  I even speak with a southern twang nowadays... NO JOKE, ask my friends.  I have no idea where the southern twang came from, it's not like I am around southern folks. 
  • Everything in my life isn't perfect, but I am finally accepting me and my life for the BEST.  Amen
  • I am me, I don't care what you think. ----- wish I was like this since being born, but glad I am adapting this into my life.  Amazing how not trying to impress other people changes your life for the better.
  • Since when am I not allowed to post a general statement of my opinion and then get blasted and talked about?  It's my opinion right? So, let me be.  Granted, I know that other people can post their opinions as well, so please do.  Everyone loves a HEALTHY debate.  But don't start trash talking.  You'd be surprised how people find out things.  Especially if you are not even around.  People will always talk. Human nature.
  • The cherry blossoms are out!!!!!!  Can't wait for BloomFest festival this year.  I am so anxious to take lots of pictures too!
  • Spring is here and so are the allergies.  It's a bittersweet welcome.
  • I have been happier ever since I started blogging again.... I missed yall!
  • See? I wrote yall.  When I blog, I write the way I speak.  So me writing that yall makes it even more justifiable that I should move to the south.
  • Done ranting.... have a blessed day.  We have beautiful weather here so I hope you guys do too!

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Lindsey said...

YAYAYA for Miami!!! Have a blast!!!! I can't wait to hear all about your trip, soooo exciting!:)