Mar 26, 2012

A quickie

Quickie post until I get home and can post pictures from this weekend!

  • Friday night went out with close friends to celebrate Melissa's birthday. 
  • Pre-gamed in the car with some captain morgan and coke.
  • Had about seven cranberry and vodka at the lounge
  • Danced,  laughed, drank a lot of alcohol
  • Closed the bar down
  • Walked in the door at 3:30AM
  • Dog woke me up at 6AM
  • FML
  • Stayed up and got ready to head to Tracy's bridal shower brunch.
  • Ate good food, laughed with friends and witnessed my friend Tracy have such a blessed time
  • Came home and cuddled with the pooch and hubs.
  • Went to take a nap at 7, woke up at 11:00 at night.
  • Then went to sleep for the night at midnight.
  • Church in the morning and a relaxing Sunday spent at home recovering.
Oh, and this is for all of ya'll.....

You're welcome. 
Happy Monday!

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