Mar 20, 2012

Migraine that shut my life down yesterday

I suffer from migraines. They suck major balls. 

But, I refuse to be on prescription meds for them because
1. The first time I tried Imitrex, I had a severe reaction to it. So I am afraid that will happen again with any new meds.
2. The meds prescribed for migraines are super strong.  I just can't validate putting strong meds in my body and god only knows the other damage it is doing.  I choose to deal with it.

Now, dealing with it has become routine.  I feel a migraine, I pop in some Excedrine Migraine and if possible, try to force myself to sleep with ice packs under my neck and on top of my head.

Last nights migraine was BAD.  It started throughout the day. I  had no meds on me.  So, during lunch I got a black coffee with a shot of espresso.  Caffeine is a huge helper in migraines.  It subdues it a little bit.

It was too late for the caffeine.  The migraine just got worse and my body was on overload on caffeine.  Also, because of my heart that beats too fast in normal state, I am suppose to stay away from caffeine, but when it comes to migraines.... this is my only option at dealing with migraine so I go with it. Migraines are tricky.  You have to take meds at the first sign of it, if not, the meds don't work.  Sometimes the start of a migraine feels like a regular headache.  So it is all in timing.  Yesterday, my timing was off. 

I suffered.  When I got home from work, I tried to sleep a little before a seven o'clock meeting.  Meeting was for church and there were important things that needed to be discussed.  I really needed to be there.  I wake up and decide to head to church and deal with the migraine.  BIG MISTAKE. I had to leave early.  I came home and raced to the bedroom and went to lay down.  The migraine was full blown.  Tears were coming down my face because i literally felt like I was going to die.  People who don't suffer from migraines have NO IDEA how it feels.  But people who do, know what I mean about the feeling of just wanted to die because the pain is unbearable.  I cried for twenty minutes alone in bed praying to God to please make this go away.  A horrible night.  I think I finally was able to fall asleep around one in the morning.  I woke up today feeling better, but I still feel a bit of lingering.  Praying to God that it has gone away completely.  I just can't handle another night like that. 

Hopefully today is a better day than yesterday.


Erin said...

I am SO SORRY! What a nightmare!

I started getting migraines in college & was too afraid to take anything prescription, too (my SIL tried a couple different ones and the side effects I saw made me nervous). And pregnancy with a migraine? Seriously, just shoot me.

My sister-in-law and I both went off wheat and haven't had a single migraine since! Have you ever been tested for allergies? Maybe something triggers them? I know mine were caused by stress and/or too much wheat...and I was desperate enough to try anything.

I hope you're feeling better today!

ME! said...

That blows. For real. I hope you are feeling better today.

Are you still drinking Active? It's not working for you?