Mar 23, 2012

It's 3am, the dog needs to go out, where's my hairbrush first?

This puppy of our that we love so much pissed us off royally early this morning.

She made a shit ton of noise.

Kept jumping off the bed.

Peed on the bedroom floor.

Then continued to whine.

All of the above at 3AM.

So the hubs gets up and I tell him she must have to go out.  She already peed on the floor but maybe she drank a lot of water.  So the hubs (huffing and puffing) gets up to take her out.  I am still in bed praying that I will fall back to sleep.  I look over to see the hubs brushing his hair.  WAIT, what?!?!  The hubs is brushing his hair before taking the dog out for a walk at THREE IN THE MORNING?

Something is definitely wrong with this picture.  So, I look at him with my squinty eyes and half asleep and ask him "Why are you brushing your hair?"  I asked that question about four times and he didn't answer me.  I know that I wasn't dreaming, but I am pretty sure that with us being half asleep, none of us were functioning at 100%.

So, apparently the hubs felt that he might bump into someone at 3am while walking the dog.  Guess it is always good to be prepared and look good.


Adrienne said...

Hahaha! That's hilarious! Men are silly :)

ME! said...

He's so GQ. LOL Love it!