Mar 15, 2012

I STILL haven't had my glass of wine....and nocturnal orgasms

At work we are going through a IT changeover.  This was supposed to be easy peasy starting last Friday through the weekend.  Well, it's Thursday and we are still having issues.

Half of our systems aren't working, some people have access to drives and some people don't. It's impossible to work like this.  For three days we couldn't print anything! 

It has been stressful.  I am kind of the person everyone comes to complain about their IT problems.  I am not IT, but I am kind of the point person for everything that goes on here.  I work in a small company so we all here wear multiple hats time to time. But I wish i wasn't the point person because they are all driving me nuts.  AND, I am the youngest person who works here.  I am the one who grew living and breathing technology.  Everyone else here is about ten years older than me and beyond!  So, no one told them that our Microsoft office programs were going to be upgraded to 2010.  Holy shit people are losing their marbles because they don't know how to do anyting... like even how to save a file in Microsoft word.  But I do. Because it took me two seconds to get my groundings on the 2010 version compared to the 2003 version I have been used to working with.  Everyone else, FREAK OUT MODE.  I have never heard my phone ring so many times in this office and my name called constantly.  No joke, even in the bathroom I heard my name.  CAN I PLEASE PEE IN PEACE?!?!?!

But, hopefully by end of this week, we are back up and running at 100%.  Change is never fun, but just have to flow with it.

BUT I STILL WANT MY WINE. tonight is the night. I can feel it.

Wine. Jersey Shore.   oh yeah, life is good.

Also, heard on the radio Dr. Oz said that 40% of woman have nocturnal orgasms.  Think about that the next time you wake up feeling satisfied and your hubs is out cold. 

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