Mar 31, 2012

Ahhhhh .... vacation!

We are in fort Lauderdale, Florida!
Which means vacation time since yesterday!  

- we have walked along the beach for miles. 
- the weather has been amazing
- we have eaten at some great places
- we just went to a Polynesian restaurant and also went to the Polynesian dance show they have!

Tomorrow we are heading to Miami for the day for some beach time and cuban food!  Then we get to meet up with our friends for dinner! So excited!


Hello The Rock!

Mar 28, 2012

Eeeek... so excited!

Counting the time until I get out of work..... here's my to do list:
  • Go home and be officially on vacation!
  • Pack
  • Pack all the dog's stuff... Sadie is staying with my wonderful sister who will be babysitting her!  I am SO grateful!
  • Clean up the house a bit.  My sister will spend the weekend home with the dog to make it easier.
  • Make sure all travel documents are printed and ready to go
  • Get on a 6am flight tomorrow morning to Ft. Lauderdale!!!!
  • Pick up rental car
  • Head to hotel
  • Drop off bags in hotel and change into swimsuit.
  • Head to beach across from the hotel!
  • Stick my toes in sand... glory!!!!!
I am SOOOOO very excited to be heading to Fort Lauderdale/Miami. 
And I can not wait till Sunday when we go to Wrestlemania and see these two wrestlers in probably the most popular built up excitement wrestling match:

Sweet jesus they are HUNKS!

Mar 27, 2012

Stupid car garage

So, I want to start this post off by asking for prayers for a friend who is in the hospital in critical condition.  Unfortunately, he was hit by a car while crossing the street... and the asshole kept going and didn't stop.  So, we can use all of your prayers. 

We were at the hospital yesterday for a couple of hours.  As you can imagine, we were mentally and physicall exhausted.  I drove to the hospital with my sister and my parents drove in their car.

We say our goodbyes and head to the cars. My  mom says, I am on the fourth floor.  My sis and I are on the first floor.  When we get into the car, I take about five minutes to setup my phone with the bluetooth again.  Finally, I pull out of the spot and start heading to the exit.  As we are driving down the ramp, I say "Is that mami and papi?"  We see my parents walking around.  I pull up and ask them what's wrong.  My mom says they can't find the car.  So, we tell them hop in and we will drive them to find their car.  Now, I am thinking this is a simple car garage that goes up and goes down.


This car garage splits into two levels, left and right.  No joke, we drive up and down about four times and we can't find the car.  We are frustrated at this point.  I ask my parents, "when you walked to the elevator, which way did you walk, left or right?". My mom says right, my dad says left.  Me and my sister bust out laughing.  Unbelievable.  Then my mom says that they parked on the first floor.  I am like, "wait a minute, in the elevator you said 4!".  Giggles continue.  I finally just park the car and realize that their car must be on the left side, the side you can't get to with the car because of the way it is split.  So I tell my parents to stay in the car and that me and my sis will go out running to look for the car on the other side since it's so cold outside. 

We get out, and split going up and down.  FINALLY,  I spot my parents car.  So my sisters hops in their car to drive down to the exit while I run back to my car.  Drive down the exit and meet my sister down there.  All this took about 45 minutes.

Lesson to be learned:  Don't ever leave your parents alone in a car garage.  And ALWAYS remember where your car is. 

Mar 26, 2012

Guys have it so easy

I am making our packing list for our trip this week.  My list is on the left, the hubs is on the right. 
Guys have it so darn easy! Ugh.

A quickie

Quickie post until I get home and can post pictures from this weekend!

  • Friday night went out with close friends to celebrate Melissa's birthday. 
  • Pre-gamed in the car with some captain morgan and coke.
  • Had about seven cranberry and vodka at the lounge
  • Danced,  laughed, drank a lot of alcohol
  • Closed the bar down
  • Walked in the door at 3:30AM
  • Dog woke me up at 6AM
  • FML
  • Stayed up and got ready to head to Tracy's bridal shower brunch.
  • Ate good food, laughed with friends and witnessed my friend Tracy have such a blessed time
  • Came home and cuddled with the pooch and hubs.
  • Went to take a nap at 7, woke up at 11:00 at night.
  • Then went to sleep for the night at midnight.
  • Church in the morning and a relaxing Sunday spent at home recovering.
Oh, and this is for all of ya'll.....

You're welcome. 
Happy Monday!

Mar 24, 2012

Checking in

We went out to a birthday party last night.  I had way too many cocktails and have an early start today. So I leave you with a picture my dog who thinks she is a model.

Now, I am off to eat some pizza, drink a shit ton of water, and get ready to head out to a bridal shower.

Have a non hangover filled day!

Mar 23, 2012

It's 3am, the dog needs to go out, where's my hairbrush first?

This puppy of our that we love so much pissed us off royally early this morning.

She made a shit ton of noise.

Kept jumping off the bed.

Peed on the bedroom floor.

Then continued to whine.

All of the above at 3AM.

So the hubs gets up and I tell him she must have to go out.  She already peed on the floor but maybe she drank a lot of water.  So the hubs (huffing and puffing) gets up to take her out.  I am still in bed praying that I will fall back to sleep.  I look over to see the hubs brushing his hair.  WAIT, what?!?!  The hubs is brushing his hair before taking the dog out for a walk at THREE IN THE MORNING?

Something is definitely wrong with this picture.  So, I look at him with my squinty eyes and half asleep and ask him "Why are you brushing your hair?"  I asked that question about four times and he didn't answer me.  I know that I wasn't dreaming, but I am pretty sure that with us being half asleep, none of us were functioning at 100%.

So, apparently the hubs felt that he might bump into someone at 3am while walking the dog.  Guess it is always good to be prepared and look good.

Mar 22, 2012

Random Musings Thursday

And here goes the list of the most random things running through my head.....
  • Didn't mean to scream at you with the first bullet point..... :)
  • My puppy woke me up at 6am today. Mama was not a happy camper.  She's lucky she's cute.
  • I spent an hour and half waiting at the vets office yesterday with Sadie for a follow up appointment for her leg lameness.  We spent two and half minutes seeing the vet for her to tell me she was good to go and keep up the glucosamine treats.  I got home two hours later.  It was such a FML two hours yesterday.
  • My puppy is OK!  Just a regular loose knee cap thing that is common in dogs like her.  All we have to do is add glucosamine supplement to her diet.  yay!
  • People get butt hurt so easily nowadays.  You can't say ANYTHING without people jumping down your throat. Geez
  • I have an awesome best friend who will always listen to me and tell me when I am right AND wrong.  Blessed to have her in my life.  Love ya Raff!!!
  • We leave to Miami a week from today! SO. GOSH. DARN. EXCITED
  • I'm in Miami bitch!
  • I want to move to the South.  I firmly believe that I should have been a southern belle.  I even speak with a southern twang nowadays... NO JOKE, ask my friends.  I have no idea where the southern twang came from, it's not like I am around southern folks. 
  • Everything in my life isn't perfect, but I am finally accepting me and my life for the BEST.  Amen
  • I am me, I don't care what you think. ----- wish I was like this since being born, but glad I am adapting this into my life.  Amazing how not trying to impress other people changes your life for the better.
  • Since when am I not allowed to post a general statement of my opinion and then get blasted and talked about?  It's my opinion right? So, let me be.  Granted, I know that other people can post their opinions as well, so please do.  Everyone loves a HEALTHY debate.  But don't start trash talking.  You'd be surprised how people find out things.  Especially if you are not even around.  People will always talk. Human nature.
  • The cherry blossoms are out!!!!!!  Can't wait for BloomFest festival this year.  I am so anxious to take lots of pictures too!
  • Spring is here and so are the allergies.  It's a bittersweet welcome.
  • I have been happier ever since I started blogging again.... I missed yall!
  • See? I wrote yall.  When I blog, I write the way I speak.  So me writing that yall makes it even more justifiable that I should move to the south.
  • Done ranting.... have a blessed day.  We have beautiful weather here so I hope you guys do too!

Mar 20, 2012

Blog recommendations

Anyone can recommend any new fun blogs out there?  I am open to everything! 

And if anyone is a follower, and I am not following you, please let me know!


Migraine that shut my life down yesterday

I suffer from migraines. They suck major balls. 

But, I refuse to be on prescription meds for them because
1. The first time I tried Imitrex, I had a severe reaction to it. So I am afraid that will happen again with any new meds.
2. The meds prescribed for migraines are super strong.  I just can't validate putting strong meds in my body and god only knows the other damage it is doing.  I choose to deal with it.

Now, dealing with it has become routine.  I feel a migraine, I pop in some Excedrine Migraine and if possible, try to force myself to sleep with ice packs under my neck and on top of my head.

Last nights migraine was BAD.  It started throughout the day. I  had no meds on me.  So, during lunch I got a black coffee with a shot of espresso.  Caffeine is a huge helper in migraines.  It subdues it a little bit.

It was too late for the caffeine.  The migraine just got worse and my body was on overload on caffeine.  Also, because of my heart that beats too fast in normal state, I am suppose to stay away from caffeine, but when it comes to migraines.... this is my only option at dealing with migraine so I go with it. Migraines are tricky.  You have to take meds at the first sign of it, if not, the meds don't work.  Sometimes the start of a migraine feels like a regular headache.  So it is all in timing.  Yesterday, my timing was off. 

I suffered.  When I got home from work, I tried to sleep a little before a seven o'clock meeting.  Meeting was for church and there were important things that needed to be discussed.  I really needed to be there.  I wake up and decide to head to church and deal with the migraine.  BIG MISTAKE. I had to leave early.  I came home and raced to the bedroom and went to lay down.  The migraine was full blown.  Tears were coming down my face because i literally felt like I was going to die.  People who don't suffer from migraines have NO IDEA how it feels.  But people who do, know what I mean about the feeling of just wanted to die because the pain is unbearable.  I cried for twenty minutes alone in bed praying to God to please make this go away.  A horrible night.  I think I finally was able to fall asleep around one in the morning.  I woke up today feeling better, but I still feel a bit of lingering.  Praying to God that it has gone away completely.  I just can't handle another night like that. 

Hopefully today is a better day than yesterday.

Mar 19, 2012

Doing what I do best.. enjoying life

Goooooood morning my bloggy peeps!
I hope your weekend was filled with sunshine and laughter!  We had a GREAT weekend.  So much was done.  Here's a quick run down of what we did and the things that make me giggle:

  • Woke up and picked up my niece and nephew.  My sis was moving that day so I picked the kids up early and had them with me for the day.
  • Got back to my place and made some breakfast burritos.... eggs and turkey sausage in a roll up wrap.  So yummy! My niece didn't finish hers, but my nephew finished his AND hers.  Who knew three years old can eat so much!
  • Then, we all got ready and headed out to Petco with the dog.  The kids were SUPER duper excited to go to Petco and that Sadie was coming in the car with us.
  • After Petco, we decided to go straight to the dog park since it was beautiful in Jersey.
  • The kids did great in the dog park! They played with other dogs.  Sadie had a blast as well.  She made some new friends.  She also ROLLED around in the dirt and FACE PLANTED a couple times when she thought she was super dog and would jump from the the top of the ramp.  Hilarious.
  • We met another yorkie poo puppy!!! His name was Dexter and he was the cutest thing ever!!!!!  I was so happy that Sadie got to play with the same breed as hers.  It was  nice to see her interact.
  • After the dog park, we took the kids to the playground to run around as well.  They had so much fun and their faces were beaming with smiles as they waved to us going down the slide.  So proud!
  • After, we decided to grab some pizza for lunch.  Savian, the three year old, told me he wanted three slices.  Kayla, the five year old, told me she wanted two slices.  The hubs looked at me and asked if we should get two pizza pies.  I said yes.  Thank goodness, only 4 slices were left!  We tore up that pizza.
  • After lunch, we all cuddled on the couch, including Sadie, and watched movies for a good three hours with them.  Such a precious time.  Love.
  • I kept smelling my dog, she smelled like dog park.  We decided to give her a bath.  Her very first one.  My poor pup looked like a rat when she was all wet.  haha! She was DIRTY, thanks to the dog park.  But in the end, she came out of that bathroom a fluff ball and smelling like jasmine.
  • Then my sis came and picked them up.  I sent them home dirty, fed, and tired.  We did our job as aunt and uncle.
  • Hubs and I went to see Act of Valor that night.  Great movie!
  • Got up, went to church
  • Came home.  Looked at the hubs who JUST got up (noon!).
  • So jealous he got to sleep in.
  • We went to see 21 Jump Street. Now, I knew this movie was going to be funny, but it turned out to be HILARIOUS.... I laughed the entire time!  This is a must see!
  • We have been going out with a group of friends every Sunday. We call it Sunday Dinner. Original, I know.  We went to a Greek restaurant this week. My second time eating Greek. The food was delish!! Can't wait for next Sunday dinner.  We try different cuisines and local places.  Awesome time to spend with friends.
  • Then we came back to the house and watched Sucker Punch together.  I fell sleep during the middle.  It sucked.  Thank goodness it was Netflix and we didn't waste our money in the theater.
  • Sleep.
We had a jam packed weekend, but it was such a great weekend.  Excited for what this week will bring.  :)

Mar 16, 2012

My furbaby totally embarassed me

Went to Petco yesterday to pick up some dog food and pooch stairs for our dog.  We are having some joint issues with her and so hoping the pooch stairs to our bed will deter her from jumping up and off.  Our bed is pretty high.

She was all freaking out when we walked into the store.  I had to grab a cart for the stuff because I wasn't able to hold everything in my hand AND manage her leash as she would run from side to side.

I am in the aisle picking up the big ole bag of food when I turn around to her SQUATTING to poop.
She freaking pooped in the store... in front of a Petco employee.

So embarrassing.

At first, she didn't want to look me in the eye:

But then she did.  This is her "sorry mama" face:

The live of being a mama to the cutest adorable furbaby ever... 

Mar 15, 2012

Salad Dressing recipe-FAIL #1, #2, #3

So, my friend made this amazing salad dressing.  It was DELISH... like lick my fingers delish.

Naturally, I asked her for the recipe.  I was so excited to make it and eat salad like every hour just so I can have the dressing.  Yep, that's how excited I was.

A part of the recipe called for 3 cups of orange juice cooked down to 1/2 cup.  Easy enought right? Not for me.

I put the orange juice in the pot, put the pot on stove, and light it up. 
Next thing I know I hear this swooshing sound.  I know that sound very well.  The sound of something about to boil over.


I turn around to orange juice OVERFLOWING over my pot onto my white stove being cooked onto the white stove and now it also smells like burnt sugar in the apartment.

FAIL NUMBER #1... yes there are three fails in this story.

So I run over, turn off the stove and grab the pot and put it aside.  Now I know I have to clean up the orange ASAP before it really sticks to the stove.  I spray it down with cleaning solution and figured let it sit for a minute to absorb.  I say to myself, "while I clean up that mess, let me put the pot on the other burner so it can continue cooking since it's still at about 2 1/2 cups."  So I go ahead and put it on the burner next to the one I am cleaning.  Seriously, it's like God was playing a joke on me because I am cleaning the burner and AGAIN the orange starts to boil it over.  Why is it everytime somehting boils over, you never get there in time.... that shit rises so freaking fast.

Again, I am late..... beginning of FAIL #2.  Orange juice all over the second burner. 

I cleaned up both burners and then started "cooking"  the orange juice again.

I followed that damn recipe exactly... I was so excited to taste it.

The end result tasted like crap.  Actually, it tasted more like oil than anything else.


 I double checked the recipe and put the right amount.  But it totally did not taste anything like the one my friend made.

We dealt with it for the time being.  But I am totally defeated.  Guess I will just have to call my friend and ask her to make it for me and I will pick it up.  hahhaha... so much easier that way.

I STILL haven't had my glass of wine....and nocturnal orgasms

At work we are going through a IT changeover.  This was supposed to be easy peasy starting last Friday through the weekend.  Well, it's Thursday and we are still having issues.

Half of our systems aren't working, some people have access to drives and some people don't. It's impossible to work like this.  For three days we couldn't print anything! 

It has been stressful.  I am kind of the person everyone comes to complain about their IT problems.  I am not IT, but I am kind of the point person for everything that goes on here.  I work in a small company so we all here wear multiple hats time to time. But I wish i wasn't the point person because they are all driving me nuts.  AND, I am the youngest person who works here.  I am the one who grew living and breathing technology.  Everyone else here is about ten years older than me and beyond!  So, no one told them that our Microsoft office programs were going to be upgraded to 2010.  Holy shit people are losing their marbles because they don't know how to do anyting... like even how to save a file in Microsoft word.  But I do. Because it took me two seconds to get my groundings on the 2010 version compared to the 2003 version I have been used to working with.  Everyone else, FREAK OUT MODE.  I have never heard my phone ring so many times in this office and my name called constantly.  No joke, even in the bathroom I heard my name.  CAN I PLEASE PEE IN PEACE?!?!?!

But, hopefully by end of this week, we are back up and running at 100%.  Change is never fun, but just have to flow with it.

BUT I STILL WANT MY WINE. tonight is the night. I can feel it.

Wine. Jersey Shore.   oh yeah, life is good.

Also, heard on the radio Dr. Oz said that 40% of woman have nocturnal orgasms.  Think about that the next time you wake up feeling satisfied and your hubs is out cold. 

Mar 13, 2012

Random musings... includes some attitude too.

  1. I am fed up with my co-worker who doesn't know how to park her big ole SUV in a parking spot. Her wheels are turned and half of her car is on the line because she CLEARLY doesn't know how to straighten out her car.  So, I can't park in the spot next to her.  At my job, in front of the office there is just enough spaces for everyone before you have to start parking behind someone.  I hate parking behind someone because then you have to constantly  move your car.  So I am pissed.  She's a bitch for today.  Enough said. LEARN HOW TO PARK. Inconsiderate.
  2. If you graduated college and use a smart phone that has auto correct and still spell a word wrong because auto correct doesn't catch it because the word is like "die" and "dye", then you're an idiot.  I think from now on I will become the person who starts letting you know when you spell something wrong.  That's not bitchy right?  It's just me helping you learn something for the day so you don't make a fool out of yourself the next time. No? Yes? Thoughts?
  3. I think I can finally use blogger at work with the new IT system we are under.  Yay! 
  4. We went to Costco for food.  So excited to cook dinner this week! On tonights menu, chicken ravioli's.  SWEET!
  5. People real close to me surprise me sometimes with the way they carry themselves. A bit sad for them.
  6. The hubs and I went out to dinner with friends on Sunday to celebrate one of our friends getting into a very difficult masters program..... we had a BLAST.  I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  Such a great time with great people.
  7. I had Rita's ice cream last ngiht.... me = happy camper.
  8. OH MY GOODNESS, I am drinking a much deserved good ole cup of coffee right now. Life is good.
  9. I am obsessed with playing Draw Something and Words with Friends.
  10. Prayers today for my dad who is not feeling so great, prayers for my niece who is sick like throwing up on the carpet sick.. Poor thing!  Also, prayers for Papa Renzulli, my best friend's dad who is in the hospital with some heart and blood clot issues.  Prayers for fast recovery and to be home!
  11. Dam this coffee is good.
  12. We are having fantastic spring weather here in Jersey!!!!  So excited to be able to bring my dog to the dog park during the week because of the extra light out.
  13. My puppy makes me heart smile.  LOVE
  14. My husband is the funniest person ever.  Gosh I am a lucky girl to have him beside my side.
  15. I get to see The Rock end of this month at Wrestlemania.  WINNING!
Have a blessed day everyone!

Mar 12, 2012

Draw something

The hubs and I have been playing Draw Something game for the last hour with friends and each other on our phones.

I think I am getting tennis elbow.

so, if you also have tennis elbow from playing, find me. Kgiggles.

Now go draw something.

Hair extensions

One of my co-workers came upstairs this morning and said "look at you girl with your extensions."  Problem is I don't have extensions in. I just straightened out my curly hair so it is super duper long.  I felt so offended. Hahaha. 

Am I the only one that would feel offended if somebody thought I had extensions because of how long my hair is?

Mar 9, 2012

Jammin' it up!

No, I am not dancing and singing along to 80s music, but I DID manage to jam up our shredder.  Big time!  I put an envelope in and I didn't hear the shredder jam up, but it did. The hubs came home to find it jammed up. Needless to say he was not happy. I just told him, I will un jam it with my tweezers, I am an expert.  Can you tell I jam the stupid shredder all the time? Ugh. So, I go about to do some major surgery on this shredder with my tweezers. I have been able to un jam it before using this method.

It is two days later, and the stupid paper is freaking jammed up in that peace that I actually walked away from it and haven't been back.  My fingers hurt so bad after dealing with it for almost an hour trying to pull the pieces of paper out.

So, internet gods, help me unjam the stupid shredder!  Some of the pieces are really stuck in there where my tweezers wont fit!

The hubs just kept shaking his head as I looked at him laughing and said "I can't wait to blog about this!"

Pray I get it unjammed this weekend.  Help!

Mar 7, 2012

Go away migraine

Battling another migraine today. Ugh!  But I am grateful to be on this world enjoying a beautiful day.  God is good isn't He.

I am praying for my puppy Sadie as she seems to be having leg pain. I had to bring her to the vet because I was concerned. We are giving it a week to see and if she is still lifting it up, going to have get some X-rays done. Praying it is just a sprain that will heal on its own. But besides that, she seems in good spirits when it is not hurting her.

And here in Jersey we are suppose to get some spring weather! So excited. Can't wait to open up the windows and let in some fresh air through the apartment!

Hope you all have a good day... I am going to attempt to survive this work day and praying this migraine subsides.

Have a blessed day.  :)

Mar 3, 2012

There was steak and cake

The hubs celebrated a birthday on March 1st. I was able to grab a bunch of our close friends and plan a dinner at one of our favorite steakhouses. We had such a good time relaxing and chatting with friends. So much that we closed the place down! I also bought two cakes to celebrate with. I was so glad that our friends were able to come out and relax with us. I am so glad the weekend is here as well. Time to relax! I was hoping to bring Sadie to the dog park but it has been raining here. Hoping the rain stops by the afternoon and maybe we can sneak out for a quick dog park visit. Our plans are to go out to dinner with the hubs mom for more birthday celebrating and then off to the movies! Hope you all have a fantastic and blessed weekend.