Feb 28, 2012

Random musings

So many random things running through my head today. 

  1. So glad to start blogging again.  Must keep this up.
  2. I sometimes feel bullied as an adult.  This sometimes brings memories from elementary school.  I was a short little girl who when in fifth grade, looked like I belonged in first grade.  AND I was the only little spanish girl.  Must get over it. 
  3. I am LOVING these last few months with the husband.  We have just really gotten down this whole marriage thing.  I am just so grateful and full of smiles when I wake up every morning and look over to the man I married.   BEST. CHOICE. EVER. He truly is fantastic.
  4. I am thankful to HIM for allowing me to be here for another day.  My goal = make the best of it.
  5. The hubs has a birthday this week, and I still have no idea what to do.  We have plans to go out to dinner with friends, but I feel like something more should be done.  Why can't I book a party at the movies like you do for kids.  Party hats and all. The hubs loves the movies so it would just be perfect.  
  6. I am going to be 30 in two years.  EEEEEKKK!
  7. I terribly miss my blogging friends and your blog posts.  You all have a spot in my heart.  I am blessed to have a connection with you all. God bless YOU!  
  8. I got a serious case of the giggles the other night.  Where the hubs had enough time to take out his iPhone and video me.  I want to send it to Ellen show.  My dream would be to get on the Ellen Show!  Gosh I freaking love her! 
  9. Once the hubs uploads the video, I will share the case of the giggles.  It will make you GIGGLE!  Promise.
  10. I had a reunion with old co-workers.  Gosh it was so much fun.  So happy we all keep in touch even though most of us have  moved on to different companies.  True friendship. 
  11. I am having a Oscar viewing party tonight. I know, it passed but we didn't have a chance to see it on Sunday so some friends are coming over tonight to watch.  Yippee!
  12. I want to move to the south.  Like big time. Must. Convince. Hubs.  I am loving the Carolinas.  Any suggestions?  I am serious.
  13. I am thinking about babies and houses... uh oh.... is it that time?  Holy moly... FREAK OUT. 
  14. My puppy makes me so happy.  LOVE.
  15. Dear Spring, thanks for coming a bit earlier this year.  Please keep it up. 
  16. Does anyone else think that Angelina Jolie should eat a hamburger, or a hundred hamburgers????  No,,,,... just me?
May you all have a blessed day!  

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Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

I say book the movie party... haha ... your husband would probably love it!