Feb 29, 2012

My surprise when I got home from work.... which entails me having to go shopping.

Today, I got home first before the hubs since he is on call tonight.  Now our puppy is still not fully potty trained and we do not trust her yet roaming the house since she likes to chew certain things.

So during the day while we are working, she is in her crate.
But today was different....
When I opened the door, Sadie ran up to me and started jumping up and down.  IMMEDIATE FREAK OUT.
I look at her, see her crate and totally gasped.

She is out.  NO one is home.  The hubs is the last one to leave the house, so he thinks he closed the crate but forgot to lock it.  Well, she had a blast ALL DAY being outside alone in the apartment.

In her crate I found my $70 dollar pair of boots that I fell in love with, with a chew hole through the toe area.  I also found the hubs slippers, shredded to pieces.

I immediately picked her up and started walking around the house to see if she pee'd anywhere.  NOTHING.

Tell me how this girl sometimes pees in the house WHILE WE ARE HOME, and today being out for eight hours she didn't pee at all.  Go freaking figure!

I was so pissed and angry, but when I saw her face and really put things into perspective, I was proud that she didn't pee in the house.

And who can be mad at this cute puppy face:

Sadie - 8 months
"Sorry Mama"

It must totally suck to be born today and I get to see The Rock!

So, how the heck does that work?  For those babies who are born today, how do they celebrate their birthdays for the next four years?  I think if I was a pregnant mom, I would try to hold that baby in if I went into labor on the 29th.  Poor birthday kids.
How would you decide which date to celebrate your birthday on.... the 28th or the 1st.  I guess it can be cool to switch dates every year, since you can do that. Ha! 

ANYWAYS, I am so excited that in 28 days the hubs and I will be on a plane to Miami!!! 
We have tickets to see this