Dec 27, 2012

I am still in my pj's

Hello my lovelies!!!!

I sure do hope your Christmas was good.  Ours was great. Spent it with my family laughing my ass off and eating way too much.  But the best part is that after Christmas, both hubs and I are on vacation from work till Jan. 2nd!!! 


So, yesterday we stayed home all day, in our pj's.  I didn't even take a shower.  We ate breakfast that I cooked around 11:30am.  I busted out the baddest breakfast you could ask for.  I made eggs, taylor ham (I'm from Jersey, it's the best!), bacon, sausages and toast.  I think I used every pan I own. Talk about multi-tasking.

Then it started to snow.  and it snowed even more.  By the time I went out to walk the dog, I had to put on my hat and snow boots because there was at least about 2 inches on the ground.  Sadie was wrapped up in her sweater too because it was FREEZING.  And I forgot to mention that it was also windy, as in 40mph winds.  Want to know what feels great?  40mph wind of snow hitting your face. It felt like itty bitty ice picks smashing into my face.  Fun!  I decided to check out Scandal, watched one episode and was HOOKED.  I watched the first whole season on Netflix yesterday.

Today, I finished watching the second season of Scandal on Hulu!  How I did not watch this earlier is beyond me.  Oh, by the way, I am still in my pj's. But don't fret, I took a shower today because at some point we are suppose to head to Walmart to return something.  We might go around 9pm.  Because we can, because we don't have to work tomorrow!!!  Ahhh... this lounging all day and not even answering phone calls is REALLY REALLY great. 

I just got caught up on blogger now.  My time these past two days was dedicated to watching Scandal, duh!

So as I sit here and think, what the hell do I blog about since I have done nothing these past two days but eat and lounge in my pj's all day, I thought of a list of things that make me go hmmmmm...

  1. Do people REALLY like the signature Luis Vuitton bags??? Seriously?  To me, it's the color of the UPS trucks and reminds me of poop.  There is nothing pretty about it.  And I have never seen different styles of their bags, because it seems everyone loves the UPS poop color. Weird.
  2. People were posting on FB that Christmas isn't about material things and that we should value the real meaning of Christmas.  But then they buy the whole freaking toy store for their kids and brag about the wonderful presents they received.  Um, if you felt that way, then how about scaling back on gift giving?  Kids don't need 20 gifts.  Seriously. Save your money.  And you also don't need to make your husband or wife go crazy shopping for you for the latest and greatest gift so you can show off.  Stop it. You are making yourself look like a fool and people are talking about you. Sad.
  3. So glad I won't be seeing anymore elf of the shelf pictures.  Am I the only one who is creeped out by them and will NOT get it for our future kids???
Ok, I am done. I need to do some more catching up on your blogs.

Also, I am thinking of doing a Vlog for you all.  WINE will definitely be involved to "loosen me up".  What shall I vlog about?

Dec 21, 2012

Dinner with Books about Medicine

So last night, Nikki texted me to see if we can do dinner.

At first I was like, "No, I'm too cool to hang out with you and my awesomeness is just too much for you to handle"

Gotcha ya! I didn't really say that silly.

But, I did say yes.  Love last minute plans that turn out to be fun.  So, we met up for dinner at a place called Molly Maguires.

Parking lot was packed!  We kind of forgot that it was the eve of the end of the world, so everyone decided to go get drunk.  Not us though, we are classy like that.

Anyways, so when I get to the table and sit down, I look to my left and I see books.  A wall lined with books.  Reminded me of a library.  I'm like "Why are there books next to me?  They are all doctor books. This is freaking me out."

So of course this started a case of the giggles, because let's face it..... it was ONLY TIME that while I'm sitting in my chair hearing Nikki call men who are between the ages of 30-50 "kids" ( I know, she is so weird. She kept saying "this kid" and I'm all like, he is over the age of 18 he is NOT a  kid... :::SQUIRREL:::) where was I?  Oh right... so while I am sitting there a book comes crashing down next to me.  Nikki busts out laughing and me too. This is why there shouldn't be BOOKS at a place where you eat. It was a big ole doctor book too. I left it on the floor for the rest of our dinner because I'm scandalous like that.

We had such a good dinner so I am glad we were able to meet up last minute!!! And our waiter, he was weird too.  He literally hovered around us, but when we actually needed him, no where to be found.  AWKWARD.  Guess he was worried about his last day on earth.

Oh, happy end of the world day!

Dec 19, 2012

Random Wednesday!

  • I barely slept last night due to a bad cough.  Ugh!
  • I still can't breathe out of my left nostril
  • These antibiotics are wreaking HAVOC on my stomach
  • I'm off all of next week and don't come back to work till 1/2
  • My job finally gave us our 45 days notice, which is Jan. 25th. 
  • Promptly after that on the 30th hubs and I are heading to Florida for vacay!  
  • I had a phone interview for another job and it went really well.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
  • Any of you lovely bloggers in the Orlando area that would want to meet?!?!?!?!
  • I am sick of drinking tea.... been two weeks and I just can't handle it anymore. 
  • I'm awesome, but silly me, you already know that. :)
  • For last nights dinner, I made french toast, pancakes, maple sausage, eggs and hash browns. Thank goodness the hubs loves breakfast for dinner. WIFE WINNING!
  • I still need to wrap up all my presents... and I have no wrapping paper.
  • I really need to pee but have been holding it until I finished writing this post.
  • TMI?
Make sure you link up as well with Because Shanna Said So

Dec 18, 2012

Ramblings of a sick girl

Y'all... I am going on 2 1/2 weeks of being sick.  Today marks day 5 of antibiotics. I have 5 more days to go but I still don't feel any better!!!  I am so exhausted over being sick.

Last night, I finished up Christmas shopping.  Now I just need to wrap everything up. Easy Peasy.

Also, I created our Christmas cards yesterday too.  For the past 2 years, I have started creating my own and sharing it with people via e-mail.  Save trees. Save money on stamps.  WINNING.

I have that cough that once it starts, it's hard to stop. It is not interfering with my sleep.  NOT GOOD.

I am wearing my new boots that my mom and dad got me for Christmas and so far, I am loving them!!!!!  Now I will make sure these go away in closet hidden so Sadie doesn't chew these up!

Thank you to all for the comments on yesterdays post.  Nice to know I am not alone.

A lot of you are participating in blogger day of silence.  I ask that you don't judge me because I am not.  I am trying to move forward with life and get back to a normal routine, because that's all that is left to do.  My moment of silence is every day when I pray.

And some of you may have heard a whole lot of arguing and bitching about the creation of said blogger day of silence and accusations that it is to bring traffic to own blog, etc.... well, I didn't really see it that way, until today in my reader this showed up "The post Blogger Day of Silence for Sandy Hook appeared first on [blog name]". Funny that it didn't show up in the blog post but in the excerpt shown next to the picture in my reader it did.  Why claim something like that when as you say "it's not about me, it's about them".  So, who cares if it showed up on your blog first? Why do you feel the need to let us know.  Yeah, you are doing a nice thing, but seriously.. get over yourself.  That sentence right there shows that you just care what people think and see what YOU did.  News flash, it's not about you, it's about everyone who is helping, whether in blog land or not.

I still have to figure out what to make for Christmas.  Anyone have some awesome recipes to share with me?  I am praying that I feel better by end of this week so I can enjoy the holidays. Ugh.

Why is it that when tragedies happen, people all of a sudden start caring more?  We should care more everyday. We need to learn as people to appreciate life in the present moment because we all know that tomorrow is never guaranteed.

My box of PG tips tea is empty. This makes me so sad.  Need to buy more.

Love life. It's the best gift God ever gave to us.

Dec 17, 2012

Let's get this out of the way

I was hurt this past weekend from twitter people.

I will tell you that I got unfollowed by two people who thought I was being rude.  Um, I wasn't being rude, but trying to show you my point. But whatever.

It started with this. (and no, I am not going to call out the person who wrote this because that's wrong):

Person 1
Please, out of respect, stop tweeting about giveaways or your mundane day to day activities. It's insensitive.

My response to this and 200 other people who were tweeting along the same lines:

A tragedy has occurred. We all deal with it diff. Who are you to tell people to not tweet about daily activities? We are all diff. Let it be

So I replied to Person 1 just to remind her...

@Person 1 It can also be that some people don't want to dwell on such a tragedy. No shame in them trying to continue with routine.

Her response:
Person 1
 Yeah...some of us are more sensitive than others.

REALLY?!?!?! That's your arguement? My response

@Person 1 its not about being sensitive. It's about a sense of normalcy... because that usually helps in dealing with such tragedies.

Then Person 2 jumped in....
Person 1
 Yeah, I understand that. I just don't think it's appropriate to act like nothing happened.
14 DecPerson 2
Person 1  I agree with Person 1
Person 2 Person 1 so when is it appropriate to go back to life?

After that last tweet I sent out.... they both unfollowed me and said "for the person being rude, I'm praying for you".  I know this because I follow them and can still see their tweets. 

I wasn't trying to be rude, I was just trying to make a point that there is NO appropriate time to go back to life.  For some, it's 5 minutes right after the tragedy happened... and for others it's weeks.  EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT AND HANDLES THINGS LIKE THIS DIFFERENTLY... what is so hard to understand about that. I was called rude just by trying to have them see the other side of things and how other people react.  

Whatever... I understand we all have our difference of opinions.  But don't call me rude when you are telling everyone to stop tweeting about daily activities and just focus on a TRAGEDY.  

It's depressing.  You can sit there and watch the news for days on end and cry everytime you hear something new (and I know this because I see your tweets) and continue to get even more depressed about the situation that can't be changed at all. 

But then Person 1 tweeted this and I about lost it:
"I'm surprised we haven't heard more of peoples experience from within the school." 

REALLY?!?!?! Maybe because the people inside were KIDS.... and who wants the media to get up in their faces of six and seven year olds and ask them to tell us what they saw INSIDE THE PLACE THAT IS FILLED WITH BODIES AND BLOOD?  Do you really think it's OK for kids to tell the story over and over again so they can be even more traumatized?  

Now that I can't handle. Shame on you for wanting to know every detail of this story.  It happened. It is NOT something that we can predict would have happened.  

And the media needs to go home. For the love of God, let those people grieve without being reminded what happened to THEIR BABIES every minute and second of the day!!!!!! 

End of my rant. 

This was not written to be rude or offend anyone... just my opinion.

Also, Everyone is having blog of silences being done... I'm sorry, but I won't be particpating or linking up.  My silence is every night I pray.  I can't handle watching the news anymore or hearing about it, so come tomorrow, I am going to try to move on from this tragedy and look forward to what we have now.  I will be going about my life as normal as possible so it doesn't hurt as much.  

Dec 14, 2012


I ask that you join me in praying for all involved in the shooting that took place in Newtown, CT.

This is a tragedy that was unforeseeable.  We will never know why people choose to do the things they do.

All we can do is pray.

Conversations between Nikki and Ms. Networking. We are funny.

guys, I want to die.
you won't miss me too much right?
Nooooooooooo you are not allowed to die
Ms. Networking
Don't die, I need a mother for my nephews and nieces
Sadie needs u
Ms. Networking
Yea the dog, too
I can haunt you guys so you won't miss me
ugh... how it's possible to get worse and worse is beyond me. my boss came out and looked at me like an was like, you don't look good.
i gave him the death look.
no shit sherlock!!! I feel like a big pile of shit!
U should have told him to send u home
hubs will find another wife Ms. Networking so she can give you nieces and nephews.
Ms. Networking
Kdawg I love you but if you die and haunt me, could you stay out of my bedroom?
But they won't be yours Description: :(
LMFAO! Ms. Networking!
yes I will stay out of the bedroom when you have gentlemen visitor over,
Ms. Networking
Perfecto. No judgement, remember, I get beer goggles
same goes to you too Nikki
Ms. Networking
Omg u two kill me!
if i kill you, why am I not able to kill myself at this moment so feeling of super sickies goes away!
plus, I think I would make an awesome ghost.
just sayin
when you take a shower, I'm going to write in the mirror  with the steam "Kenya was here"
and draw a little stick figure of me
with my ghost apparel on
aka white sheet
then on the bottom write. "boooooo"
that would make you laugh right?
OMG.. i can be the most awesome ghost ever!
Ms. Networking
That would make me giggle
OMG U so have to blog this Convo!
Ms. Networking
Yea Ms. Networking's concern is related to her poor drinking choices being judged, lmao

DIE germs

Y'all, I have lost it. I am done with these things called germs.

It's been two weeks since I have been sick.... and today, I feel worse than the two weeks combined. I went to the doctor yesterday and got some antibiotics, but as we all know, those take a while to kick in.

I literally want to kung fu kick these germs.  They have invaded my body and today, today, I am GRUMPY. Today I have the I don't give a shit attitude because I am physically and emotionally exhausted.

The amount of mucus that has been coming out of my nose, which no longer is soft but hard brittle skin that hurts every time I bring a dam tissue to it, is UNBELIEVABLE. Who knew that much can get backed up into your nose. Seriously, it's disgusting.  My nose is so red and dry it HURTS!

I just can't. I want to be home crawled into bed right now. I am so glad today is Friday but this day is going so slow!!

Sorry for the bitchy post, but after two weeks of being sick, you would probably feel the same way.
I have been and will be MIA this weekend on the blog... unless I miraculously get better by tomorrow morning.  Which would be nice so I can enjoy somewhat of our weekend.

Ugh... praying the germs DIE AND NEVER COME BACK.

Dec 11, 2012

Up to no good last night

First, thanks for all your comments and tweets about me feeling better.  I am STILL sick after a week and half now.  But, I walk with a smile on my face becuase I know this will pass.

So, onto last night.  We had tickets to go see WWE Raw Live last night.  My sis-in-crime aka Ms. Networking came with us which means we were up to no good. At all.

The best way to describe is through pictures of course!


This is when we first got into our seats.  We were excited to see some hot wrestlers.  Booya!


That was sitting in front of us.  The HOT PINK hair lady.  Her head was so bright, I am pretty sure she would have been able to direct planes down to landing.


This is my "I better see some hot wrestlers tonight" face.


HELLLOOOOOO ALBERTO DEL RIO.... I will only say this:  Check out his man goods. Enough said.


This is after we saw his man goods... after I zoomed in.  WOOOOOOO.


Hubs and I after the show was over.  God bless him for dealing with us two fools all night.  I am sure he was sick of hearing our cackling and giggling.  Love you hubs! xoxo

Oh and yesterday my boss put this on my desk.  A Costco sized bag of chocolates.  He gave me "directions" to distribute these amongst everyone in the office.  Um... no. Consider this my bonus.  All mine. WINNING!


Also, today is our NJ Bloggers Meet-Up!!!!!

blogger meet up

I am SOOOOOO excited to meet everyone!!!! Can't wait!

Dec 10, 2012

Today I work at 50% and don't feel like I'm about to pass out.

Good morning my bloggy peeps.  I am so happy to wake up to this rainy Saturday Monday morning. (I totally wrote Saturday, clearly my head is somewhere else).  Why am I happy?  Because it means I survived the weekend.

It was no secret that last week I was sick ALL week.  Well, Saturday I had a party that I planned along with my other friend. It's tough work being the hostess and handling all the preparations. Thank God for the person who created Dayquil because that is the only way I was able to get through the whole day.

Then Sunday morning came.  It punched me in my face.  I felt like I got run over my a truck, over and over again.  I was out of commission. Talk about holy sickness.  I guess the running around and trying to fight off this nasty cold caught up to me.  Being all over the place on Saturday didn't help either. So I was in bed literally all day yesterday.  After 5pm I ate some dinner then laid lifeless on the couch all day. Not sure if I have the flu bug or not, but man oh man I felt like ultimate crap yesterday.

I woke up still feeling sick today, but I am able to actually walk around without feeling like I am going to pass out.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will be at 80% because we have our NJ Bloggy meet-up!!!!!  WOOHOOO.

A glass of wine will DEFINITELY help me feel better tomorrow. Make sure anyone who is the in the area come join us!

blogger meet up

Now I am going to get some more tea and actually work at work today.  I have to be SOMEWHAT productive today... but I already told my boss I am working at 50% today.

Happy Monday!

Dec 7, 2012

Where is the hole so I can crawl in it?

Oh hey, it's Friday.
I am not even excited because I still feel like poo.

From my throat, this sickness has now creeped up my nose and has become a full blown sinus problem. SUCKS BALLS.

And of course this happens when I am busiest this week so I have had NO time to rest up so I can at least give my body a fighting chance against the nasty germs.

Last night, after work we went to Costco and Stop & Shop. Came home, cook the lamest dinner ever, hot dogs and garlic fries, then got to work in the kitchen. Mind you, it's 9:30pm.  I seasoned 6 pounds of ground turkey meat last night for the 200 empanadas I have to make today after work. Yes, kill me now.  I also made the biggest batch ever of my hot sauce which included 2 BIGGEST red onions ever seen on the face of this world, 6 jalapenos, 6 tomatoes, a whole bunch of cilantro, and a shit ton of lemon juice.  All of that chopped up and mix together for goodness.  After the initial mixing in the bowl, I had the hubs come over and taste test the hotness. He was like WHOA. It's hot.... I am now freaking out.  Because this hot sauce is for Saturday. I like to give it a day to marinate so it can get real good (hot wise), but the fact that the hubs said it was pretty hot in the initial mix... means that after it sits today, it's going to be even hotter for Saturday. Which isn't a bad thing, but I am praying it doesn't cross over the "too hot, not tasteful anymore" line. So, here's hoping.

This morning, I dumped the 6 pounds of turkey ground meat in my crock pot. My first time cooking it this way, but I HAVE NO TIME TO DO ALL OF THIS AFTER WORK AND HOPE TO BE ASLEEP BY 1 IN THE MORNING... so, I chanced it.  I dumped it in this morning, adding the last ingredients and some tomato sauce and set it on low for 8 hours. I am PRAYING that when I get home today it's not one big lump of meat.  And if so, it will be easy to crumble up as it is the filling for the empanadas.

Did I mention I feel like shit and all I want to do is sleep?  Oh and did I mention that the party we are going to on Saturday where I am bringing the 200 empanadas is being planned by me and my other friend, which means I am going to be there at 10am to set up... and the party starts at 2-7?  Yeah, it's going to be a long two days especially if I don't feel  better.

Happy effin Friday.... and to my sinus infection... you NEED to get your ass moving so I have some hope in enjoying this weekend.

Dec 5, 2012

So What If I....

So What Wednesday

So what if....

  • I still feel like shit but continue to put a smile on my face
  • I didn't cook dinner the past two days
  • I just want to go to sleep at work
  • I have gone through a bottle of honey within the past 3 days and half a bottle of lemon juice that has been used in the obsessive amounts of green tea I have been drinking in hopes of getting rid of this cold.
  • I have to make about 100 empanadas on Friday night and NOT looking forward to it.
  • I am too awesome for you
  • I am addicted to fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers and tomato salad. It is freaking yum!
  • I went to work yesterday with NO makeup on and looked like a mad woman with a super duper red face.  FU rosacea
  • I am excited for my last day of work here so I can go to the gym during the day and get my shit together. This fat ass needs to get going.
  • I am going to remind you all again about the NJ Blogger's meet up and force ask you to blog about it and tweet about it so it can be an awesome turnout! 
blogger meet up

Dec 4, 2012

My name is Sadie, the yorkiepoo

Sadie saying HELLO
Oh Hello there!

Hi. That's me up there.  I know, I am so beautiful. I get it from my mama!

Anyways, I am filling in today on mama's blog because she is just not feeling well. She has been sneezing, coughing, cursing the world, and just plain ole grump these past two days. She even went to sleep early last night. Don't tell her I told you, but I think mama is on drugs!  I saw her take a big ole gulp of something that was red.  The bottle said Nyquil.  I am pretty sure those are drugs because she was walking around all weird and her eyes were glazed over.  That stuff is strong.  Then that's when it was bedtime.  I was excited because she let me go with her to sleep on the bed.  Yay!  But I got kicked out around midnight because I kept barking like a mad woman.  Not my fault. I heard a noise and was TRYING to protect her.  It what us dogs do!  So after she kicked me out, I was stuck with pop pop.  He was no fun, he was working on paperwork and watching TV.  WOMP. Anyways, while mama is at work wishing she was home in bed, I figured I can tell you that all of the bad things she says about me, like how I steal socks from laundry basket, how I pee on the bed (multiple times), and how I drive her crazy in the morning barking in her face while she is trying to pee because I am too impatient to wait to get my bone after she is done,  they are all LIES!!! Don't believe her. Seriously, just look at me!

Sadie face
I am too cute for you!

I am totally not capable of doing bad things.  So, from now on, don't believe anything mama tells you.

Also, if you want to see more cute pics of me, check out mama's Instagram (newlywedgiggles)... she is ALWAYS posting picture of my cuteness to make you all jealous.  Yeah, that's right baby.. be jealous.

Peace out bloggy peeps,
Sadie, the yorkiepoo

Dec 3, 2012

I almost punched myself in the face on Saturday

Good morning bloggy peeps!!!!

I am so happy to be ALIVE today.  If you followed me on twitter, you know that I went to try a body combat class that Nikki teaches.  I knew that I was going to die because I am in no shape to be jumping around punching and kicking here. So, I prepared myself for Saturday, the day I was going to die on an exercise floor.  As I left in the morning, I gave the hubs one final kiss.  I held onto Sadie and gave her the biggest hug ever.  Then off I went to meet my destiny....

So, we arrive at the class. And yep, you guessed it, I SURVIVED!!!!!

But holy poo is that class tough.  Well, tough for me since I don't exercise. Everyone else was all smiles and "pulsing" (fancy word for jumping) around and adding extra kicks here and there, meanwhile I am just barely hanging on to my "last" breath and trying to not trip over my own feet and fall flat on my face.  Because that would be embarassing! So for 5 hours 45 minutes we punched, "pulsed", and kicked.  Now, in the beginning of class Nikki said we need to mirror her actions since it is choreagraphed... I'm like OK, I got this. NO, I don't.  Apparently I don't know what mirroring a person means and I don't know my left and right side. FAIL. So I started to follow the older woman who was in front of me, who by the way was totally kicking ass in the class.. go her!, which made it easier for me to not look completely retarded. 
I am pretty proud of myself because I made it through the class!  There is a LOT of punching and jabbing and whatever else type of punch there is in this class.  I almost punched myself so many freaking times.... In my defense, you really get into it with the music pumping.  But I am surprised I didn't walk out of there with two black eyes.  There was one point where Nikki was like "OK GUYS LET'S DO PUSH UPS WHILE KICKING OUR FEET OUT"... I yelled NO! 

Nikkibodycombat 1
Nikki doing her teaching thing while I was taking pictures for documenting purproses... NOT because I needed a desperate break.

I don't think she heard me, but yeah, I didn't listen to her... :::GASP:::.  I was in the back so she couldn't really come at me and tell me to get my shit together.  Winning!

kenyabodycombat 1

Overall, I had a great time AND I got to also meet Katie, a fellow bloggy friend!!!!  It was awesome. She also kicked ass in the class.  You go girl! And of course, our day wasn't complete without Ms. Networking who came too. 

Alexabodycombat 1
Ms. Networking... also her shirts says "Want to smurf around?".... LMAO

Thanks Nikki for forcing and pressuring me asking me if I would like to check out your class. It was totally worth it! You are awesome as an instructor.

Also, did you all hear abour our bloggy meet-up?!?!!?!
blogger meet up
Spread the word!

Make sure you spread the word and come out!!!!! 

Nov 30, 2012

NJ Bloggy Meet-Up!!!!

So, a couple of weeks ago we had this whole NJ bloggy meet-up scheduled.
Then Hurricane Sandy came and rained (literally) on our parade.  So we had to cancel.  WOMP.

But guess what, I was chatting with Nikki and Ms. Networking... and we knew we had to re-schedule before the holidays.

blogger meet up

So here are the details for the NJ bloggy meet-up!!!!!  We encourage everyone to come!

The Shannon Rose Irish Pub
98 Kingsland Road
Clifton, NJ 07014

Date and Time:
Tuesday, December 11 at 7:30pm - till whenever we feel the shenanigans get out of control.  :)

We really hope all you NJ bloggers in the area (NYC and Philly peeps too!!!) can come join us!

If you are able to make it, please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail.

Nov 29, 2012

It's OK....

Its Ok Thursdays

"It's Ok"

  • that I had a bad day yesterday and wrote about it. 
  • that today I feel a little better but have the urge to punch someone in the face because of their stupid questions.
  • that I take a lot of self portraits
  • that Sadie peed on my bed last night, AGAIN.... grrrrr
  • that I call myself the queen of making cheddar bay biscuits even though it's the easiest recipe ever.
  • that I will potentially DIE when I go to Nikki's combat class she is teaching on Saturday. 
  • that I wear leggings as pants.  It's called comfort and cuteness factor. whatevesss
  • that I am still waiting for test results and am scared to call and find out. 
  • that my laundry that the wonderful lady at the Laundromat place took care of for me is still sitting in our office in the bags nicely folded for the last 2 days.  Um, laundry fairy? Where the heck are you?
  • that I am so freaking awesome. 
What are you saying OK to?

Nov 28, 2012

Am I all alone?

This post is serious and might stir up some feathers (is that the saying? I am a drawing a total blank right now, but you get what I am trying to say).  

I want to hear YOUR thoughts on the following things. 
  • If you are a stay at home mom, what do you believe your responsibilities are in the home?
    • My thoughts are: Cook, Clean, Take care of kiddos, do the food shopping, etc.
  • What is the deal with people being so dam materialistic these days?!?!?!  Why would you spend $300 on a luxury brand shirt when you can guy the same one for $30????  If that was me, I would rather spend that money on vacations where I can spend some quality time with my family, or I would donate a lot of it to people who have nothing.  It drives me insane that people spend crazy amounts of money on clothing that they wear only once and after the season, it's forgotten about. IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!!!! Be grateful that you have clothes to wear. 
  • Someone thought it was crazy that the hubs and I usually don't exchange gifts for holidays or special occasions.  ( Disclaimer: Last year we did for xmas.. but small presents and it was a fluke.  And I write this disclaimer because I know some asshat who is reading this is going to call me out on it.  Ha, I did it first).  They say that it is not right.  Um, since when does giving gifts make it right?  I'd rather us spend money on something we can do together than buying each other something   Hence why we go on a lot of vacations.  That's our thing. 
  • It kills me when people ask me over and over again about us having kids.  And you are RUDE to ask me why we haven't had kids yet.  Did you ever think that there could be another reason for a couple not having kids.  Did you ever think that they may be trying and are having trouble? Or maybe that they are happy with things being the way they are as is? Did you ever think that there may be a medical reason why a couple doesn't have kids yet and it is something they don't want to share?  Maybe they don't want kids?  It's OK if you ask the couple once, but after a while the same people asking the same question gets to take a toll on you.  Sometimes, I don't want to answer you because it's exhausting to stand there and see you judge me on my answer.  Just because you have kids at a certain age doesn't mean I am following your same path. Just shut it OK?  
  • I have come to a point in my life where I hardly want to share anything with my friends because I constantly feel like I am being judged.  We all do it, I get it.  I judge sometimes too. It's OK.  But is it crazy that when certain events happen in my life, I already know who I would want to share the news with first and that the list is very small?  
  • I am not a perfect wife. Are you?  I make mistakes all the time. I drive the hubs crazy.  I have made big time mistakes and TRUST ME, I still have the guilt for it.  But I am learning to push through and move on. No one said it was going to be easy to be a wife.  Society makes it even harder to be a wife because they plaster everywhere of what a perfect wife should be... and it's totally NOTHING like it. So, thank you to the hubs... You accept me for who I am, and you have made the decision to be with me and support me through both the good and bad.  I am really trying to make you proud and I know I have failed multiple times, but I continue to get back and try again. I won't stop. Love you.
  • I blog because it makes me happy.  Why is it so hard for non-bloggers to see that?
  • I think that you should never ever make a friend feel left out.  It hurts... and it hurts bad. 
  • I struggle with self confidence everyday.  It's like a freaking disease. Yes, I know I gained weight... TRUST ME I KNOW... but you don't need to remind me.  Yes, I know that I mess things up.  Yes, I know that I lack common sense.  All these things add up to the ball of anxiety that it's in my head. I KNOW... "just handle it Kenya it's not that hard."  Remember, it may be easier to handle certain stuff in your life than it is for me.  
  • My heart took a stabbing last week when I was at my docs visit.  My doctor tried to make me feel better and assure me that the test results will most likely come back OK this time.  She tried really hard, but I can tell in her voice that she also was worried.  I tried to stay positive and tell her, " I am positive too"... but I lied. I was freaking out the whole hour and half I was in that office.  And I am still freaking out waiting for results.  But it's OK to freak out right?  It's normal right?  And this whole doctor stuff could be NOTHING.  If the test results come back not favorable, it's not like it's life threatening disease.  Something that they tell me is very common and somewhat "fixable".  But still, I am worried.
  • Did I tell you that I freak out A LOT about the LITTLE things? I do. Hubs is a saint for dealing with that part of me.  Sometimes, I make things a lot bigger and more serious than they really are. It's a problem I have. I am working on it.  Some people call this anxiety.  I don't like that word, anxiety.
Wow, I wasn't sure where this post was going to go... but I started typing and couldn't stop.  And I am leaving this as it is. No changes.  Me in writing.  Sometimes Life with Giggles has it's downs.  And my focus for my blog is to be true to you all... It's not all skittles and rainbows over here.  Sometimes I have to make myself giggle when I am having a down day. 

But, am I all alone with some of these points?  Do any of you feel like this sometimes today? 
I am OK. I am not OK. What is the definition of being OK?  Oh forget it, I am me.  Let's leave it at that. 
And now I am going to read from my devotional and tell myself "just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

Nov 26, 2012

A little announcement.

Hello there my bloggy peeps. I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Ours was great. We ate way too much food and laughed a whole lot.  I say success!
I was lucky to not have to host Thanksgiving so instead I baked.  And once again, I made my fresh homemade pumpkin pie!




Needless to say, it was super yummy.  AND, I carved the turkey. :::proud Kenya here!:::

Hubs and I actually went out at midnight to Target...::gasp:::

I totally didn't want to go. I was so tired and didn't want to deal with crazy people, but our neighbors went and she texted me letting me know that it wasn't that packed.  So off we went. We had fun.
Hubs put this in the cart, which now resides in our bedroom.

2012-11-23_00-18-17_105, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

So now when the hubs is playing video games or watching something I don't want to, I can go into the bedroom and snuggle with the pups on the bed while we get to watch our girly shows. #winning

We came home to sleep after the Target run, and then headed back out with my mom and friend for more shopping.  We did pretty good.  I didn't buy much.  But I did get the Christmas gifts for my niece and nephew! Success.  We also headed to the movies to watch Skyfall.  Can I just say that Daniel Craig is super duper hot.
Saturday we got to organizing and cleaning the house... a few hours later, our place look fantastic.  Saturday night we hosted game night at our place with some friends. Thanks to Target for having adult board games for 10 bucks!!!  I recommend the games Fact or Crap and Imaginiff.... both were a lot of fun to play.

Sunday we headed back to the stores to get an idea of couches.  Our couches are about 14 years old. When we got married, hubs aunt graciously gave us her leather couches.  Now, they are done. The leather is tearing apart, and of course Sadie chewed a hole on one of the seats. Man, couch shopping is not as fun as I thought it would be. Any advice on best couches to get for a small yorkiepoo dog???  I want it to withstand her nails since she does hang out on the couch with us and jumps up and off of it.

And here we are to Monday.  I actually am enjoying this Monday while everyone else is dreading it.  Why? Because I am alive to live it.  Can't ask for anything better than that.

And onto the little announcement....
I REALLY REALLY wished the secret boards on Pinterest were available BEFORE I created a Baby board.  So, my little announcement??? I am NOT pregnant (Nikki... lol).  I just was seeing so many cute things and ideas for babies since most of you bloggy friends are pregnant and wanted to pin the stuff for FUTURE.  Apparently, I have been confusing people and making some of them question me when all of a sudden, 20 baby pins show up in their feed from me. :)
So, yeah, no baby here yet... but don't worry... something may be in the works.  You will just have to wait and see!

Nov 21, 2012

I confess

This is my first time linking up with Mrs. Bear over at Think Happy Thoughts for her Confessions link-up!

Here it goes....

I confess....
Not all babies are cute. Some are ugly. It's OK to think to YOURSELF that they are ugly. But always be kind to the parent. I am sure they know their baby is ugly and are suffering.

I confess....
That I started listening to Christmas music today

I confess....
That I am perfectly happy NOT cooking Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner for the whole family to judge me. Our moms take those roles. I bake.  Plus, nobody wants dinner to be ruined so I leave it to the pros.

I confess....
That for Thanksgiving, I wouldn't mind it all if it was just the hubs, pups and I at home snuggled on the couch with a thanksgiving dinner that I cooked that probably isn't as good as moms.

I confess....
That I am VERY awesome.

What do you confess?  Come link-up! 

Nov 20, 2012

Music is in my blood

I am your music geek... well, at least in high school I was a full blown out music geek.  Now I'm just a regular music geek.

My passion is playing the piano.  I have played since I was small and LOVE it.  I also love to sing.  And I also played the clarinet through middle school and high school.

I just recently realized that I used playing the piano as a stress reliever.  It makes me happy to sit in front of the piano and play my heart out. I put ALL of my emotions into it.  There were many of times that when I was playing at home by myself, I would end up crying.  That's my love for it.  With music, I can let out all my emotions with full force.  That's the best way to play music.  Everyone use to tell me how much they loved seeing me play piano because they can feel the music. They can feel the emotion. I guess that's the gift I had. I am not trying to toot my own horn here, I am just saying how it is.

I don't play often anymore because my piano is at my mother's house and it's not an easy piece of furniture to move, especially when you live in an apartment.

Last night, I got to go back to my old high school.  We were there for a resolution ceremony for the choir director of many many years who retired in 2006.  He is very very ill now. He was not able to make it last night.  But alumni did. They were people there who graduated in 1979!!!  It was AMAZING.  Tears were had. Funny moments were had. But, we also got to do something special. It is tradition in my town that at every winter concert, the choir always sings Handel Messiah's Hallelujah Chorus.  The best part is that any choral alumni can go up on stage and sing.  I haven't had a chance to do this since I haven't been to the winter concert, but last night, I got the chance. Let me tell you, it felt so great to sing up there in the choir.  I belted that shit out.  The song lyrics and musical parts came flooding back into bloodstream and I remembered every single note. I felt like I was on cloud nine.

Last night made me realize how much I miss music.  As in how much I miss playing music.  How much I miss singing.  It's in my blood and it is what God made me for. To rejoice in music.

My mission = find a full size keyboard that I can put in my apartment.  DONATIONS greatly accepted!!!!
But seriously, with the amount of stress I have in my life now, I KNOW for a fact that me playing again will get rid of it.  It worked all the time. Why did I stop? Because life happened.  Which is OK.  But you know what? I want to teach my kids one day how to play the piano and share with them the love I have for music.

So, who wants to donate money for my full size keyboard that I NEED????  Hint hint to hubs, friends, family members... if you all chip in, you can buy it for me for Christmas!!!

Some of you reading this might think it's silly that playing piano is a stress reliever.  Some of you might think that I'm stupid for crying while playing... but you may just simply not understand if you aren't a musician. When you become a musician, you know that there are two ways to play.
1. Just for fun to get by and look cool
2. Taking into consideration everything you learned from music theory to technique and most importantly  opening up your heart so beautiful music becomes your end result.

So, are you a music geek?  ;)