Dec 9, 2011


My puppy has peed THREE times today in the apartment.

First, she decided this morning to unload on our comforter.  Ironically, I was at the moment peeing myself when I hear the hubs scolding her.  All I thought of was that I was going to have to wash the comforter again within the last two weeks for the same problem!


Then we are home later from her follow up visit at the vet.  Of course my poor pup ended up having an ear infection. Which meant tubes and metal things pushed down her ear. And she was also due for her lymes disease shot. Talk about a double whammy. Oh and they cleaned out her ears too which she is NOT a fan of.  So I guess to get back at us for the torture we put her through with the vet, she decided to pee in our office and then later under our kitchen table.

I am done with her today. I can't handle it.  I love her to death, but you can say that tonight we are in a mother daughter argument. We are giving each other the silent treatment.

Let's see who cracks first to apologize....

Hint: Won't be me!

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