Dec 22, 2011

So not dead

I am here. Haven't blogged in a while because that thing "life" has gotten in the way, and when it isn't the way, all k want to do is relax and cuddle with my puppy.

But holy poo can you believe that christmas is here already!?!  Hard to believe when last night the weather in NJ was 59 degrees!!! Craziness.

I will be trying out a new recipe for christmas eve that my mom sent me.  For the families sake, let's hope it comes out good.  And I also plan on making a pumpkin pie from scratch again too.  Yummy!

Any new things you are adding for holidays?

Dec 12, 2011

This is what makes me happy

Sitting down in our office reading blogs and listening to Christmas music (thank you Pandora)!

Oh slippers

We buy a whole bunch of toys for our puppy Sadie. Spend a lot of money on these toys.

Tell me how she rather play with our slippers than the expensive toys? 

Dec 9, 2011


My puppy has peed THREE times today in the apartment.

First, she decided this morning to unload on our comforter.  Ironically, I was at the moment peeing myself when I hear the hubs scolding her.  All I thought of was that I was going to have to wash the comforter again within the last two weeks for the same problem!


Then we are home later from her follow up visit at the vet.  Of course my poor pup ended up having an ear infection. Which meant tubes and metal things pushed down her ear. And she was also due for her lymes disease shot. Talk about a double whammy. Oh and they cleaned out her ears too which she is NOT a fan of.  So I guess to get back at us for the torture we put her through with the vet, she decided to pee in our office and then later under our kitchen table.

I am done with her today. I can't handle it.  I love her to death, but you can say that tonight we are in a mother daughter argument. We are giving each other the silent treatment.

Let's see who cracks first to apologize....

Hint: Won't be me!

Dec 7, 2011

Rain, go away

Want to know what's the worst thing to do in the rain?  It is to walk a dog to go do its business outside.

Sadie, who just recently turned six months, does NOT like the rain.  The minute I take her out, she's like "Oh hell no, I am NOT getting my hair wet so you can then sit me down and comb me.  Oh hell no."  TRUE STORY.

This dog understands that rain is no good.  And when I know that she has to poop, she holds her shit (literally) in.  It's like, if you just poop within the minute I take you out, we BOTH can go inside.  But NOOOOO.... she gets all prissy and looks at me with those darn puppy eyes.  Damn those puppy eyes!

She will pee, but sometimes we are forced to carry her, walk around our apartment building and then put her down in the grass area over there, where she will then poop.  God forbid she gets her paws wet to walk around the building.  She's all like, "carry me bitches!"

So right now, she's barking at me which tells me that she wants to go out.  Of course, it's pouring rain.  She goes down the steps and immediately goes to the muddy puddle and starts to drink it.  Seriously, with all this water coming down on you and knowing how much you hate the rain, you're going to stand to drink from a puddle instead of peeing and pooping so we can go inside the DRY apartment.

I just don't get it.

But, the puppy eyes get me every time.  Love my fur baby, cone and all.
Sadie at six months.  With her cone.  Ha!

Dec 4, 2011

It's December? Holy poo....

I can't believe it is December already.  Time is flying by! 

This weekend the pups and I had the apartment all to ourselves! The hubs was away on a boys weekend.  Boy did me and the pups enjoy.  I think we saw about five movies. Caught up on The Ellen show on my dvr and we are currently watching the Giants game while waiting for the hubs to get home.  We are Giants fans in this household.  :)

I mention that there have been some major changes at work this week.  It was super hectic.  I told everyone Friday that I changed my name.  That's all I heard all day Friday was my name. So crazy!  But, I am just thankful that I still have a job and pray for the one person who was laid off. 

Tomorrow is going to be crazy as well.... well the whole week.  I will need lots of coffee and meds considering I will be on my period. Let's hope I don't lash out on anyone. Ha!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I sure did! Now I am off to get some meds for my headache. 

Sadie says: bow wow wow to you all.  I think that means hi in puppy world.