Nov 17, 2011

We're moving and TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!

I haven't been on blogger for a long time, due to the fact that our computer is at our new apartment.  We have been in the process of moving these last two weeks. 

We are literally moving next door.  We have a one bedroom now and a two bedroom opened up so we jumped on it.  YAY for more space.  NO, we are not expecting.  We will be using the second bedroom as an office and also we get access to the attic which means storage which means less shit in my apartment!  YAY!

What is hilarious is that to move, we go down our stairs, turn left and walk a half step, go through the door, and up stairs again to our apartment.  We are in the same building just on the other side.  Now most of you would think that it would be an easy move, NOT!  Since we aren't packing boxes, and we have a three weeks to slowly move our stuff in, it is more tedious since I am putting stuff in bags and transferring from this closet to the new one.  The layout is pretty much the same except for an extra closet and the two bedrooms.  But boy am I getting a workout lugging bags back and forth going up and down the stairs.

But I am super excited for the new apartment and especially with all the room we will have.  Less clutter!

Also, yesterday the hubs and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary.  Time flies by when you are having a fantastic time.  I can't believe it has been three years.  I wish I could relive that day because we really had so much fun!

God has truly blessed us.  How awesome.

I will try to keep up through my phone and use my blogger app more.... just pray that this move goes easy!!!!! We are attempting to be moved in by this weekend.... good luck to us.  More good luck to the hubs who is moving all the heavy stuff.  AND our dog is totally confused on which door to go in when we come back from walks since we have been goign through both and introducing her to the new place this past week.  She might think that her mom and pop pop are crazy.  If she only knew!

And one more thing.....


Saturday I am going to see it.  WOOP WOOP

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