Nov 29, 2011

Random musings....

- I am getting into the holiday spirit and it feels good.

- I can't wait to get to the dollar store to rack up on some xmas decorations.  I refuse to pay five dollars more for the same decor I can get at the dollar store.  WINNING!

- My puppy is one of the greatest things to come into my life. I love her so much and it is amazing to see how happy she is with us. 

- Next year we will travel to Dallas, St. Louis, and Miami.  Holy moly my suitcases are going to be exhausted! 

- My husband is awesome. He is just awesome. That's why I married him, because through bad and good, he is still awesome! Love ya babe.

- My mom is secretly falling in love with my puppy Sadie.  She is not a fan of dogs, but I keep sending her random pics of Sadie with captions "Hi Mima! Love you!"  It is working.  WINNING!

- I am in a good place now.  And it FEELS GOOD! 


Unknown said...

Yay, yay and YAY! so glad you are in a good place, doesn't that feel amazing! And love the dollar store too!

Jamie Leigh said...

Love all your random thoughts. My family was always cat people, but when we got our pup she won over their hearts instantly! Got to love our furry babies!