Nov 24, 2011

gobble gobble.... and throw in a cold

Happy Thanksgiving!

Update on us goes like this:
* we have FINALLY moved everything from our old apartment to the new one. THANK YOU GOD JESUS! 
* I have shit ton of crap all over my new place that still needs to find a place.  Shoot me now. I hate unpacking!
* I woke up yesterday feeling like poo... sore throat and stuffy nose. Today, I feel worse.
* feeling like poo today, I have to manage to put a smile on my face and have a good time at dinner. God help me through this and thank you to the inventor of Dayquill.... my savior!
* I am loving our new apartment and all the space we have. Means less clutter in rooms which looks cleaner and crisp apartment. Oh yeah!
* Sadie and I are about to take a mid morning nap. She has started already....

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