Nov 4, 2011


We still don't have power since that freak storm we had last Saturday. We have been staying at friends house this whole week.  I am fed up. I have been praying and praying.  But I have officially lost my patience.  All of our food in the fridge has to go to the garbage.  All of it! Its been cold at night and our apt is usually colder inside than it is outside.  I am only able to charge my phone at work. My poor puppy has had her sweater on all the time now and we let her snuggle with us to stay warm.  I want my power and heat back.  Melissa and Gonzalo are probably the best friends we have had during this whole ordeal as they have opened up their place and welcomed us and my puppy.  I am SO grateful to have people like that in our life.  God bless them, they are so awesome.  Amazing how a hard time shows how some friends care and check up on you, and the ones who you think would call everyday don't.  It has been an eye opener.  I had one friend, Pam, contact me that I don't talk to as much and barely see her, she said that we can go to her place and stay with them and she would cook dinner for us.  How awesome of a person is she??  I was so grateful that she would even offer up her place to me, a person from high school that she barely gets to see.  God bless her and her family. She has the cutest little baby boy too!  But seriously, her reaching out to me was such an act of kindness and I pray that one day I can return that act of kindness to her. Pam, if you are reading this, your call really touched my heart and thanks so much!

So, I have to actually work now at my job and put my phone down to charge. I hope all you bloggy friends are well!!

Asking for prayers that we get over this hurdle as quickly and painfully possible.  :) 


Jamie Leigh said...

Wow! I can't believe its still out! Sending you prayers!

Unknown said...

Ohhh my goodness TOO BAD! Praying for you guys!

Jules said...

The storm last week was indeed freakish and I'm praying you get power back as soon as possible. I'm glad you have a friend that has been so kind to take you guys in.

Hang in there and I'm thinking of ya!