Oct 6, 2011

You dam right It's Ok.... because I said so.

My first time linking up to

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK
  • to want to be home all day to play with my puppy in my pajamas
  • to not have done my hair in MONTHS... really, it's OK to have three different hair colors
  • to cancel all my plans this weekend just so I can stay home with Sadie and play with her
  • to be upset that it is going to be 84 degrees this weekend.... I want Fall weather to stay
  • to walk around outside at the stores with my purple crocs on
  • to be totally cheesy
  • to go shopping for at least two tops for the weekend festivities

1 comment:

Jules said...

I completely understand wanting to be home with the puppy. I was the same way when we got Chase.

Everyone's all excited it's going to be 80 this weekend. Not me. I'm ready for the fall temps to get here and stay here.