Oct 17, 2011

Pinterest and Weekend

I just requested an invite for pinterest.  Everyone is talking about it and I want in.  Looks freaking awesome.

Also, this weekend was fab!!!!  The hubs went away for a guys weekend, which meant that us girls who got rid of our boys got together to have a girls filled weekend.  OH YEAH.

So it included LOTS of wine.  So much wine that after we polished off our second bottle, I decided to open up the bottle of Moscato (which is freaking fantastic).  I look at the bottle and I swear it looked like it was wrapped like every other wine bottle.  I whip out the cork screw opener and stick it in (that's what she said) and start to twist to open.  All of sudden, I hear "wwwhiiissshshshshsshs".  AIR. I am thinking, "that's weird".  Then the cork screw opener goes right in.  That's even more weird.  Turns out that I opened a SCREW TOP bottle of wine with a cork screw opener.  I busted out laughing and couldn't stop.  So now my friend Melissa has a bottle of Moscato in her fridge with a hole on top of the screw top. Yeah, it was that kind of weekend.  So much wine that I paid big time on Sunday with the worse wine hangover.  YUCK. 

So, what did I do? Ordered some dominoes, took over to Melissa's house and watched the Giants game with no boys around.  FANTASTIC.  We hung out all day Sunday while we waited for the boys to come back from their weekend trip.  It was fun to girl chat and watch football without the boys yelling and screaming at the TV and each other and complaining about their fantasy football.

Oh yeah, and GO GIANTS!!!!!

How was your weekend?


Jules said...

You will love Pinterest! It's my new obsession.

Girlfriends and wine sounds like my kind of weekend :)

Amber said...

So glad to hear you had a great weekend!

I was just talking about Pinterest. I just can't decide if I want to join. Let me know what you think of it! :)

Unknown said...

So funny! I love my wine too :)