Oct 5, 2011

I'm a mom

For those who read the title and immediately thought that I was pregnant or had a baby, HAHAHAHAH in your face.  You should know better. 

But, I AM A MOTHER to a beautiful super duper cute yorkie poo puppy!!!!!

Meet Sadie!!!!!!

This picture below is when she took a nap with me the day I had surgery.  I took a nap from all the wooziness of the anesthesia, she took a nap from just being a playful puppy!

This was her the first day we picked up her up.  She is jet black.. even her paws!  

How can you resist that pretty puppy face!!!!!

Once again, napping from being a playful pup!

Sadie: "Hi mama!"

She LOVES her pop.  She is always snuggling right next to him. 

This is when she was exploring my moms backyard and having tons of fun playing with my little niece and nephew!

She matches almost all of our furniture in the living room since it is all black.  Can you spot where Sadie is??  

I LOVE HER so much!!!  She puts the biggest smile on our faces when we see her. 


Jules said...

Sadie is SO cute! Dogs make everything better and I know mine cheer me up on even the crappiest of days.

Lindsey said...

Awwww so cute!!! Congrats!!!

ME! said...

Congrats on the pup!!!