Oct 9, 2011

I am a diva but i watch football, so shut it.

So I am a girl. I love makeup and wearing heels.  Growing up I never played sports. In high school junior year I joined the cross country team and that was the sport I loved and did.  I would watch soccer games at times with my dad usually when it was the world cup. When I met my husband, I started watching soccer games and attending them more often as the hubs is a huge soccer fan.  Within this past year I have started to get into football.  The only reason is probably because I started asking fifty million questions while my husband watched it.  Now that I understand it, I like watching it. To some of my friends, they think its weird and stupid that I watch football. Now, football is not only for guys, girls can like football too. And its also an awesome way to bond with your hubs too!  So, to all those ladies out there who think football is awesome, cheers to you! I am loving that I like football and it is really an exciting and fun sport to watch. My goal next year is to learn more so I can join in on these fantasy leagues.  Me and my friend Melissa said that this year we should of joined our significant others fantasy leagues and pick the guys based on how hot they look and see how our team would do!  I am kicking myself in the ass for not signing up. It was too late for us but it would have been pretty cool if we got good points against the boys by just picking hot guys! Ha, can't wait to next year to see if our theory works. :)

Back to Sunday football, hope your weekend is going well.  Let me know who you are rooting for!

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Unknown said...

rooting for the vikings... if they would ever win a game. Not a huge football fan here... would rather watch baseball :)