Oct 31, 2011

No power, no heat, stupid people = a cranky me.

We got hit with a snow storm on Saturday.  Yeah, you read right.  We got hit with a shit ton of snow.  Not two inches, more like eight inches of wet heavy snow.  Ridiculous.  Want to know what's worse?  We lost power on Saturday at 6pm.  It's Monday 4pm, and I STILL HAVE NO POWER.  Shoot me now.  We slept with like a gazillion blankets on.  My puppy's crate had my bathrobe and two snuggies on it wrapped around.  I put extra towels on top of her bed in the crate and I left her sweater on.  It was probably about 30 degrees last night.  Want to know what the temperature is now here in Jersey?

Yeah, is that not crazy.  We go from a really bad snowstorm that brought down power lines and trees every two feet you walked in my town to tomorrow being 57.  UNBELIEVABLE.

They tell us we won't get power back till Wednesday at midnight. 


This is going to be a long week.  No power, no heat. DARKNESS.

Think I might pop open a bottle of wine.  What else is there to do?

Pray we get our power back soon!