Sep 10, 2011

God bless

The hubs and I went to a Red Bulls soccer game today.

It started off with us getting handed american flags as we walked into the stadium.  The memory of why ached in my heart.  The present view of all the soccer fans uniting and nodding their heads as we are given the flags shows how united we can be. 

A moment of silence while we all held our flags to our hearts.  The pride we all felt in that stadium as our anthem was being sung. 

We will never forget.  It will always ache a bit more when we get close to the day American stood at standstill. 

I lost it inside while the anthem blared through the speakers.  As I sang along, my voice cracked.  As the two huge American flags were being opened up both on the field and in the stand, my heart ached. 

Living twenty minutes from NYC makes it all harder to deal with it.  I knew people who were in that building.  Some made it out, some didn't.  To be so close and not even know what could happen next.  I kept thinking, will we be ok?  Will something else happen?  I LIVE so close.

Tomorrow will be a difficult day for all to cope with.  No matter where you are.  It will be a reminder to us all that life is precious, we need to make the best of it.

God bless.


Jillian said...

It is so hard to believe that people are capable of such evil. I hope that with time comes healing.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

hopefully it's a thoughtful day for you and your family! definitely a difficult time for new yorkers and those close by!