Sep 27, 2011

From the ER to the Winery

The hubs  had not been feeling well AT ALL this past weekend. 
By Sunday morning around 6am, he was up freaked out because he just wasn't getting better and I was up too freaking out even more because I had no idea what to do. 
We decided to go to the ER because we both knew something was wrong.  Glad we went since they found out he had pneumonia.  Ugh.  Good thing was that they gave him a bag of IV and a bag of antibiotics.  While we were waiting in the ER for the results to come back, we had this conversation:

Hubs: "Hopefully we can get back home in time for you to go to your annual girls day winery trip."

Me: (looking at him like he is crazy) No babe, don't think that's going to happen but it's not a big deal"

Hubs: "Why?  You should go.  You have waited a whole year."

Me: "It's OK.  It's just wine.  I can meet with the girls and drink wine any other time."

Hubs: "But you really want to go.  You blogged about it"

Me: "We will see."

Boy was he persistent.  Surprisingly, we were out of the ER and back home within two hours.  He felt 500 times better and begged me to go.  So I did. It all turned out well.  Hubs felt good enough that he even got to hang out with the boys and watch some football comfortably. 

BUT, this is the kicker.

Mind you, it's 6am in the morning when we rush to go to the ER.  I changed into the following outfit:
PURPLE crocks
blue sweatpants
red shirt

The night before, I put in a deep conditioning treatment in my hair so I decided to let it air dry and figured I would have more than enough time to do my hair in the morning.  I have curly hair so when it air dries, it's a big poof ball.  When we left, I just grabbed a hair tie and put my hair up into a ponytail and ran out of the house.
As we are waiting, the hubs looks at me and says this:

Hubs: "Damn babe, your hair looks really bad."

YOU KID!  HOW ON EARTH CAN MY HAIR LOOK BAD WHEN I RUSH OUT OF THE HOUSE TO BRING YOU TO THE ER??  If he didn't look so darn cute in the fun patient gown they had and if he wasn't feeling like death, I would have smacked him across his face.  EXCUSE me for not styling my hair with gel to make sure my precious locks looked decent instead of the frizzy ball my head was.

Husbands sure do know how to push certain buttons don't they?

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ME! said...

Wow! At least he is better now. And I think getting better enough for the wine tasting was apology enough for the "bad hair" comment... LOL