Sep 1, 2011

Cutest niece and nephew EVER!

My nephew turned "thweeee" (3) this past month.  When I tell you I have the cutest nephew and niece ever, it's 100% true.  I am so blessed that my sister had these two beautiful children who call me titi (aunt in spanish)!  So, since I am still feeling defeated and numb, I figured sharing some pics of my babies would help put a smile on my face today.

He turned three and LOVED his buzz lightyear cake!  He is OBSESSED with Toy Story.

This is what happens when they come over to our apartment and we watch the kids.  We tire them out so they can fall on the couch and completely knock out.

See, it works on both Savian and Kayla!

This was when my mom was spraying him down to cool off. He had so MUCH fun running around the garden.  Can't you tell?!

He was hanging out at our place ...  this was his birthday morning.  We had breakfast together.  Love!


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ME! said...

They are cuties! You (i bet) are a very fun Titi!!!!