Sep 27, 2011

Annual Girl's Day at Warwick Winery

Sunday, the girls and I got together to celebrate our 3rd Annual Girl's Day at Warwick Winery.  This is when we take the time to enjoy LOTS of wine, amazing pizza and are boy-free/kid-free!!!!

We had such a blast and got a nice group together.  The place was SUPER DUPER packed.  We have never seen it like that before.  I asked the cashier guy if there was an event going on and he said no.  It did rain the day before so we were thinking that maybe everyone who was suppose to go on Saturday decided to postpone till Sunday.  There were so many people that we had to scout out for tables and chairs.  First thing we got was a table with one chair for about 12 girls.  Eventually, as people got up, we ran to them before other people did to take their chairs.  Everyone was on the lookout.  It was funny to see who got there first.

Their wine is fantastic!!!!!  These are two of my faves!

My sister and sister-in-law ( they were boy-free AND kid-free)

My pizza... which I think is made in Heaven and delivered to Warwick.  It is so yummy!

We love wine! 

Yours truly.... who STILL HASN'T gotten her hair done.  One day. One day. 

See, the pizza and wine are really good.  Can't you tell from Jesille and Melissa's face?    Love these girls! 

My sis thought this picture was going to be a cute smiley picture of us.  WRONG.  heeeee

OK, I  gave in for this picture and took a nice one with her since she was complaining.  Older sisters really know how to get annoying!  lol 

My best friend Raffaela aka sister from the Italian family aka hostess for this years trip.  LOVE her! xoxo

How awesome is this pic?  Awesome.  I think I might frame this one up.  


Unknown said...


Brittany said...

umm will you mail me a slice? I'm starving, and that looks delish!

I have several fantastic bottle of wine in my wine rack right now! yum! I'll let you have a glass, if you bring that pizza! :))

ME! said...

Looks like you had FUN!!!!

I've never been to the Warwick Winery! I should SO do that!