Sep 30, 2011

Go out there and GAZE! Heal someone!

Yesterday, we were at a hotel for a MonaVie meeting getting pumped up about our business.  One of my friends saw the most ridiculous flyer ever out in the hotel lobby.  It was a flyer for this guy named Braco.  Want to know what Braco offers in his sessions?  I'll tell you, he offers a gaze..... yes you read that right, a gaze.  He calls them gazing sessions that have helped millions of people feel better, feel at ease, feel their pain go away.  Some people even testify that he has healed them, with just his gaze. 

Wait, what?

Are you kidding me?  The guys does not talk in public, but people PAY MONEY to go his events and have him gaze at you.  He doesn't speak at all to you.  Just gazes.