Aug 10, 2011

The words Hate and Love

Got a comment from an anonymous person on my last post and it sparked some interest in me.  Person wrote "Hate is such a strong word", I will assume they wanted to make the impression that I used the word Hate in my post and they felt that maybe I shouldn't have?  Who knows, but it brings me to this question: If people feel the word "hate" is so strong and shouldn't be used lightly, then what about "love"?  Is it okay for people to throw the word Love around so loosely? 

Do we not realize that both Hate and Love are VERY strong words. But it is ok if you use Love in every way and not give it the respect it should have? Hold your horses though, because when somebody uses the word Hate, everyones panties get all in bunches while huffing and puffing.  But forget Love, we can use that word every other minute of the day.  People often use that word as a lie!  It is used to make other people feel better, but in reality, the person using it doesn't really feel it! 

So why the double standard?  Why doesn't society deem it appropriate to use the word Love with as much caution as we shouldn't use the word Hate?

-Mrs. Newlywed Giggles.  


Lindsey said...

This was a really good post! I know I'm guilty of using "love" for way too many things! I "love" sushi, this movie, that book, etc. I need to use a bit more caution!

ME! said...

As a society we definitely have that double standard. And it's not even close to being the only one. And we definitely throw it around WAY too much.

I love your post! LOL!!!! jk. It is really good though!!!!