Aug 24, 2011

Who said I want to go to the gym at 5:30am?


The hubs got up this morning when the alarm went off at a way too damn early time.  Then he woke me up saying, "Babe, are you going to the gym."  I wanted to say NOOOOOOO (I might have actually said that, but my mind was very foggy this morning)..... but we made a promise to each other that we would workout and get healthy for no one else but us.  So, I moaned and groaned and didn't move out of the bed.  He got up and put the blankets over me to let me sleep.  That stupid little voice in my head, you know the good one, said to me "Get your ass up and go the gym you slacker for two and half weeks."  So, I got up, STILL HALF ASLEEP, and somehow managed to get clothes on and sneakers.  I peed in the dark because I didn't want to get blinded by the light.  We get into the car and the hubs starts driving.  NO JOKE, I FELL ASLEEP multiple times on the ten minute car ride there. 

But, we got to the gym, got a decent workout considering I have been absent from the gym, so all in all, it all worked out.

Let's just pray that I don't fall asleep at work.  I really need to get working on making sure I get a full nights sleep in. 

And I do have an awesome hubs who got my ass moving.  XOXO to you Mr. Newlywed Giggles.  And since you are reading this, maybe you should cook dinner tonight so I can nap when I get home from work okay? okay? Love you bunches hubs.


Lindsey said...

I need Garth to get me out of bed and work out because I've been slacking!!!

Unknown said...

good job I could never do that lol

ME! said...

I wish my husband would go to the gym with me!