Aug 23, 2011

Tremor Tremor

Went out to lunch with the hubs today.

Sitting at the table waiting for our food to arrive.

Feel shaking and look at the hubs and scold him for rocking my chair with his foot.

He looks at me and says he's not doing anything...

Everything in the restaurant is shaking and I look outside and see signs shaking.

Waitress says, "is this an earthquake...what's going on."

Get an e-mail from my mom asking if we really just felt an earthquake.  Go on FB and confirm.

Not an earthquake, but we got a tremor that sure did shake things up.

MOST UNNERVING FEELING EVER.  I did not like that feeling of the whole earth moving.  It is not pleasant.  Some people on FB were making fun of people in their offices running to go underneath door frames.  I don't think it's funny.  That person is smart.  Yeah, we don't get earthquakes in NJ, but guess what, our earth has gone to shits because of what we make it endure.  So, it's not necessarily in great condition.  If we got hit with an actual earhtquake, which can really happen, then that person would have better chances of being alive than you.  So, how about you stop making fun of them and learn from them.  Just think of 9/11, some people took the necessary steps when fire alarms went off.  Some people  might have shrugged it off and said, it's nothing.  We never know what could be a little thing or turn into something big.  Just saying.

Meanwhile, I am sitting and look at the hubs and tell him I have no idea what to do in an earthquake instance.  We would have been useless.  Got me to a whole new thinking, I should really be prepared for any kind of emergency, because you just never know.

Here's to hoping no more aftershocks and that everyone in Virginia where the earthquake actually happened is safe. 


Mrs. Pancakes said...

amen to this thought! people are just crazy insensitive sometimes..

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

My loser husband didn't feel a thing because he was outside walking through a parking lot and he has been teasing me ALL DAY LONG asking me if I am going to stock up on canned foods and move into our closet to be safe from future earthquakes. Im going to murder him. jk.

ME! said...

Weirdest/ Feeling. Ever! So glad I don't live in California and feel that a lot...