Aug 23, 2011

This goes out to Mr. Newlywed Giggles

So, I have been gone for blogging for awhile before.  Stupid me.  I have no idea what I let influence me to stop blogging.  I actually listened to my "friends" who would always bring up some of the stuff I blogged about and made a big deal about it.  Like, god forbid I blogged about annoying habits, and why didn't I blog about my business, and why would I post some of the pictures I did of me and my friends and family, and why would I put my business out there.  Well, it got to me.  And I stopped blogging for a long time.  Now I am back, reading blogs and writing.  IT FEELS FANTASTIC.  Now that I think of it, those people who always talked poo about me blogging and didn't understand it, well forget you.  Clearly you are just jealous because I found an outlet of amazing blogging friends who share the same of joy of writing, without being criticizing of writing the "proper way". 

So, yeah... I left that all behind me and happy to report that I have missed blogging terribly and so glad to be back blogging and reading all your blogs.  Boy have I missed a lot!  Seems to be that about 90% of people I started following when I first blogged as newlyweds, are all having babies!!!  So congrats to you blogging moms to be. 

And lastly, thanks to Mr. Newlywed Giggles.  I ran over to him the first night I wrote a blog post at around 11pm, and told him that I just blogged!  I was super excited because it felt GOOD to blog.  The hubs looked at me and smiled.  The other day, he said to me that he was happy I started blogging again because it made me happy.  That statement made my heart jump with joy.  He's right, blogging made me happy.  Why I stopped is beyond me, but glad I am back now.  So, thanks to the hubs for the support and encouraging me to do what I love.  xoxo. 

At the wedding we went to in Dominican Republic aka Hot and Humid place that made my hair have a life of it's own. 

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Lindsey said...

Awww it's fun to remember when we first started blogging, huh?! It feels like ages ago!