Aug 25, 2011

Poof! I give you shit ton of water!

It has been so dreary  and rainy out today here in Jersey.  As you probably know, Hurricane Irene is going to dump even more water on us this weekend.  Not cool.

I wanted to FINALLY get my hair done for my birthday shindig tomorrow at Medieval Times, but seems like that won't be a great idea. 

I will probably walk out of the salon looking this:

But the minute I walk out with my all  nice straightened out hair in today's weather, it will look like this:

NOT a good look, and definitely a waste of money to get my hair straightened out.  I am trying really hard to embrace the big curly hair that I naturally have and rock it, but it's hard to embrace that when you spend a half hour de-tangling your curly hair and then another half hour attempting to style it. 

Any of you have curly hair tips even though I have been living with this curly for the past 28 years and STILL don't have any tips of my own???

1 comment:

ME! said...

Sorry, this straight haired girl's got nada. :(