Aug 26, 2011

Never thought I would have to prepare for a Hurricane

We are suppose to get slammed this weekend with a minimum of Category 1 Hurricane Irene.  She's barreling through up the east coast.  With the pattern of the hurricane changing so often, the last I heard yesterday was that it was going to be a really bad tropical storm.  Until last night when the hubs was reading news online and it was moved up to be a Category 2 Hurricane to hit Jersey.  I stopped and looked at my husband and said "We are not prepared at all for a hurricane."  So we quickly got up and started checking flashlights, making sure they work and battery checks.  I pulled out all my candles and placed them in the areas around the apartment so we don't have go looking for them in dark.  Took out all the lighters we have and placed them on the table for easy access. Then the hubs and I decided that we need to get some more bottled water.  We called up my friend, who lives in our same building, and we took a trip to Target to shop for our hurricane survival kit.  We thought maybe we should pick up an extra flashlight but they were sold out.  Whole wall was empty!  Went to get some water, and there were only a couple packages of bottled water.  All the gallons were gone.  We each picked up a pack of bottled water, went down to the soup aisle and picked up some cans of soup to have on hand too.  I am hoping that we have everything we need and we are prepared to have no power, and no use of our tap water.  Flooding is going to happen for sure so we are ready to be stuck in one location as well, our apartment.   The hubs picked up the most important hurricane survival item that you need:

We WILL survive with a huge canister of animal crackers.  And soup of course. 
To everyone on the east coast, be safe and hope the storm doesn't do too much damage.  Make sure you all are stocked up on essential items such as meds, food, water, and batteries.  Keep those cell phones charged too!

Be safe and praying for everyone.  xoxo


krystal said...

Oh hurricanes. This FL girl knows the drill. You'll be fine! :)

Unknown said...

Please help me for Christ sake