Aug 9, 2011

Flaky flake peely peel

So I got major sunburn from the Dominican Republic sun this past vacation.  I have yet to start peeling, but am freaking out that it's going to start soon.  And considering that I got sunburned on chest and all over my FACE.... it will not look pretty!  This sucks major booty. 

I have been putting shit tons of aloe vera gel on praying that it will help.  Next stop of overapplying will be the aloe vera after sun lotion by Banana Boat.  Let's hope that locks in moisture so when I go to work the rest of this week, I don't look like I have a rare skin peeling disease and my co workers will look at me normal and not like some kind of zombie that might potentially bite them and make them into zombies.

We can just hope.

Ok, now going to bug the crap out of the hubs while getting ready to watch America's Got Talent. 

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