Aug 22, 2011

Cake overload

This weekend was all about eating.  My birthday was on Saturday.  We had been invited to a Baptism to go that started at 11.  It was for the hubs co-worker's little girl.  She was so good during the baptism as well!  After, we went to this great place called Macaluso's.  for the reception.  OMG. The food was amazing!  And there was TONS of it. Seriously, they could have fed two armys with all the food that was laid out for the buffet. 

When we first got to the baptism, all we saw was older people.  The hubs whispers in my ear, everyone is old, we seem to be the only young couple here.  Totally right.  But we got really lucky to sit with a nice young couple and nice woman at our table.  The rest of our tablemates were no shows.  How rude! Anyways, we sat next to a couple who had the cutest little boy named Finley that had a contagious smile!  They were also pregnant expecting their third child.  Our tablemates were awesome and we laughed and talked about marriage, kids, etc.  All in all, it was a great time.

THEN, the hubs bought a dominican cake for me and gathered some friends at my moms house to have some cake.  Long and behold when I get to my moms house, she has a full pot of rice done, beans done, and was getting ready to fry up some chicken.  I totally was scolding her for cooking and told her that I said over the phone just to cut the cake.  But she surprised me and my friends with a good ole dominican home cooked meal.  My mom is  fantastic cook and some of my friends who were there who know this, were super happy!  I had one friend who ate their for the first time, he was in love!  So, we had more delish food and I had LOTS of cake. 

Then Sunday, I had more cake.  Sunday night, I had more cake.  And today, I will have more cake! 

Gotta love cake. 

Great weekend! 

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Lindsey said...

This weekend was about eating for me too haha! I don't eat cake but I ate my weight in pasta this weekend!