Aug 21, 2011


My title is the age I turned today. And want to know what? I am not freaked out at all about being older and closer to 30. I am just grateful to be blessed to celebrate another year of fab!

My mom made my favorite meal, fried chicken with rice and beans. It was so yum! The hubs was excited for dinner too. He loves my moms cooking.

Then my wonderful hubs bought me a Dominican cake!  I am half Dominican so I already know the deliciousness of what the cake has to offer. So glad the hubs bought from our favorite bakery.  It was so gooooooooood!

Now, I have to hit the gym HARD to work off all the birthday food.  Yay.

Thanks for the bday love as well. XOXO

~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles

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