Apr 1, 2011

Sleep..... zzzz

It's the weekend and all I want to do is SLEEP!  My body is not use to getting up early and moving as much for work.

My foot that I had surgery on has been aching every single day since I started working again.  Guess the walking around and bending, stretching is starting to take it's toll on me.  My foot is now consistently swollen and I still can't wear heels!  Ugh.  Every night when I lay down, my whole leg is aching from all the walking I am doing.  I guess it's a good thing, but this has led to bad sleep at night and I refuse to take anti-inflammatory meds.  I don't see it necessary to put drugs in my body. 

So, this weekend is going to be a filled one! Tomorrow, I will be attempting to clean up, run some errands, and bake three cakes.  Yep, you read right, three cakes.  Two of them will be going to church on Sunday and one will be for our little Wrestlemania gathering we are having on Sunday to watch the PPV.  Snooki is going to be at Wrestlemania wrestling!  So, I'm also excited to see those shenanigans take place!

Sunday, I'll be at church for the first part of the day for church service, choir practice , bell choir practice, and then at 3 we are having an installation service for our new pastor.  So, I am going to be there pretty all day because then after the installation service, we are also having a little reception.  Then I am going to run home and clean up some more and get our apartment ready for Wrestlemania!!!!  Can't wait.  Something I enjoy with the hubs.  :)

Somewhere in there, I will get sleep.....hopefully.

Is your weekend as busy as mine?

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