Mar 31, 2011

New job, cool peeps

So, I have started a new job and let me tell you, it is always nerve wracking the first week because all you want to know is who is the jerk, who is the gossiper, who is the wise guy, the comedian, etc.

Well, I got lucky with everyone who works in the office area with me to be wise guys, comedians.  This makes my work day even better especially since everyone here is like family.  They all told me together that they are a dysfunctional family and they welcome me with open arms.  :)

So far, this new job has been treating me well.  Granted, it's only been two weeks but let's hope it stays like this. 

Mar 30, 2011

In need of a...

I am in need of a magic fairy coming to my apartment, splashing some magic fairy dust on my laptop so it can magically fix itself!

Ugh.... laptop crashed which is no good.  But, hopefully the computer situation works out within the next couple of weeks.  I think my hard drive might have crashed which means that I really hope the last time I backed up my computer that I didn't add anymore photos.  I don't think I did, but I seriously can't remember. 

So, if we all pray together, the computer fairy might, just might, pay me a visit..... I can only hope!

Mar 17, 2011

It is that time of year again!

Happy St. Patrick's day to everyone!

I am not Irish but this day starts a tradition I have started about two years ago.  I go on facebook and the only thing I post is the word "Shenanigans"  

It is usually my status and comments on other people's status.  I enjoy this very much.  :)

I hope you all enjoy today and please be safe for all my Irish drinkers. Make sure you have designated driver.  


Mar 10, 2011

This goes out to all the military wives

So I am watching an episode of Coming Home on Lifetime. I am sitting here by myself on the couch balling. Tears are streaming down my face because of the surprise reunions of soldiers with their families.  I really can never imagine being a military wife and how hard it is when your husband goes away. The fear of not knowing if they will walk back through that door is unimaginable.  I really praise the military wives out there, which I follow alot of your blogs, and just want to give you an applause.  You are an amazing person for being strong and having faith every day that goes by.  This show has had me non stop crying and is truly amazing to see some of these reunions.  So for those military wives whose husbands are not home with them, but overseas fighting for our country, I have you and your family in my prayers.  Stay strong throughtout this difficult time. Have faith.  You gals are amazing and god bless you!