Feb 2, 2011

Writer's block?

So, it's been a long time since I have written and I refuse to sit here and give you a list of excuses or make promises because clearly my life has been taken over and it seems that this thing called "writer's block" has hit me and I mean it has hit me hard.  I have had so much happen to me over the past three months that has been very WORTHY of blogging, but for some reason, my brain would not cooperate with my skinny fingers to type away.

What made me write now?  I have no idea....  It's just like my fingers were screaming and begging for me "type type TYPE!!  Please, we dont' want to forget how it feels like to write again!"..... I completely swear my fingers said that.  I'll show you the next time I see you.  Anyways, I was applying for a job when the hubs yelled over from the living room and asked me if I was blogging and I said " NO.... [then in my head I said, leave me alone about the blogging... no of course I am not blogging I have told you that I have writer's block.... but then my brain quickly realized that is a stupid thing to say].  So, here I am... writing.. blogging... GOD I miss this.  Why the hell did I stop?!?!?!  Right now, at this moment, I have a butterfly feeling in my tummy.  A good one.  Lots of good flutters going on. 

So, quick re-cap on what has happened in the past three months via bullet points....because we all love bullet points...

  • Got laid off my job I was at for 3 months.... douchebags... seriously, you shouldn't have hired me if you were not doing so great financially... now you screwed me over.  Oh yeah, and it happened the week before Thanksgiving.  I told you they were douchebags.
  • Since I was laid off, I decided to go and get a bunion fixed on my left foot because it has been bothering me for a long time, but I always came up with an excuse to not get the surgery done.  I had no excuse now since I wasn't working.  I go to the foot doc and he says "Sure thing we can fix the bunion with surgery, and while we are at it.  We can fix that Achilles tendon of yours that is tight and we need to snip at it"  Awesome.... six weeks in a damn cast.  Great WAY for me to spend Christmas and snowy, icy weather.  I have been cooped up in my apt since Dec. 4th.
  • Looking for jobs sucks.  It is time consuming because people just don't ask for your resume anymore, they ask you to fill out all the information that is usually found in your resume separately in their own little online system.  ANNOYING.
  • I leave in ten days on vacation.  THANK. GOD. THE. LORD. JESUS. FOR. VACATIONS. Especially ones that I have had booked since last March!  Couldn't come at a better time.
So, there you have it, three months worth of blogging in bullet points.  No worries, not all of my blog posts will be like this....

So, what did I miss... Which bloggy friend of mine is pregnant????  (it seems like the trend)

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ME! said...

At least I see you more frequently than you blog. :) Just kidding... you need to blog more! I love your sense of humor.

See you on the 17th? Or will you already be on vacation?