Feb 8, 2011

When is it too much to pack for seven day cruise?

We leave soon with 14 friends to a cruise vacation.  I have started packing two weeks ago.  I do not kid you.  I figured half my stuff is summer clothes which I am not using here in Jersey as we seem to be getting nailed with two snowstorms a week on average so I was able to pack my shorts, swimsuits, formal dresses, and some shirts.  Two weeks ago, I threw them in the luggage to get started.  Today, was a trial run of real packing so I can make sure I am not overweight on my luggage.  I decided to drag everything into the living room and make it my packing palace for the day.  Hubs was at work so I was also able to watch a chick flick at the same time, SCORE!

Do you think I am bringing way too much makeup with me?  I think.......NOT!  Gotta have the essentials and then also have to have the extra glittery twinkly for those formal nights and club nights.  Silly thinking I don't need ALL this makeup below...

My couch became a table as I spread everything out into piles such as shorts for cruise boat, shorts for excursions, swimsuits, undergarmetns, formal attire, dinner attire, makeup pile, etc.  You get the point.

I think I have done pretty well with the shoes.  Since I had foot surgery, I am not able to wear heels yet.  This SUCKS but at the same time is GREAT because flat shoes don't take up much space which means I can bring more makeup!

So, any packing tips for me?  I am trying to squeeze in eight days worth of vacationing clothes since we will be spending a day in HOT Miami.  Woop Woop!


Heather @ Simple Wives said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! :D Don't have too much fun packing!!!

krystal said...

I'm taking a 7 day cruise on the 20th! I gotta start my packing as well!