Jan 3, 2011

I swear I didn't die... I am still alive

So the hubs keeps reminding me on a weekly basis that I haven't blogged in awhile and that if he was one of my readers, he would have abandoned me.

I haven't lost many followers so I want to thank you all for sticking out.  Or you might be saying right now to yourself  " oh shit, I am still followin this blogger who hasn't blogged.  Forget her, I am unfollowing." 

Here's to hoping you don't. I told the hubs that I have bloggers block.  He looked at me and laughed.  I have no idea why I have bloggers block because SO MUCH has happened to me since the last post.  Like, getting laid off (which was a freaking blessing!! Good riddens to a shitty company along with a shitty boss) and I had foot surgery.  So I have been a prisoner to my apartment.  I live on the second floor which makes having foot surgery a bit more difficult with crutches.  So I am limited on going to the outside world. 
But, I am back.  For real this time.  Not like the last time.  I have a shit ton of time to blog and even crazier and funnier things happen to me now.  Ahhh life, gotta love it.  I have listed some subjects that I will tackle this week so it's a bit of a teaser for you...

1. Neighbors down stairs who have very LOUD sex, including noises such as banging headboard and climaxes
2. Ultimate FAIL with these stupid crutches
3. Foot surgery that I elected to have.  Stupid me.
4. Adventures of flying with a cast on my foot.  This will happen this week.  It should be interesting

I am so excited for you all to hear this stories.  So, thank you for those who are still around and if there is anything new in your life I would love to know!

Now, to attempt to go down the stairs and back up the stairs with the crutches just to get the mail.  Wish me luck.