Dec 22, 2011

So not dead

I am here. Haven't blogged in a while because that thing "life" has gotten in the way, and when it isn't the way, all k want to do is relax and cuddle with my puppy.

But holy poo can you believe that christmas is here already!?!  Hard to believe when last night the weather in NJ was 59 degrees!!! Craziness.

I will be trying out a new recipe for christmas eve that my mom sent me.  For the families sake, let's hope it comes out good.  And I also plan on making a pumpkin pie from scratch again too.  Yummy!

Any new things you are adding for holidays?

Dec 12, 2011

This is what makes me happy

Sitting down in our office reading blogs and listening to Christmas music (thank you Pandora)!

Oh slippers

We buy a whole bunch of toys for our puppy Sadie. Spend a lot of money on these toys.

Tell me how she rather play with our slippers than the expensive toys? 

Dec 9, 2011


My puppy has peed THREE times today in the apartment.

First, she decided this morning to unload on our comforter.  Ironically, I was at the moment peeing myself when I hear the hubs scolding her.  All I thought of was that I was going to have to wash the comforter again within the last two weeks for the same problem!


Then we are home later from her follow up visit at the vet.  Of course my poor pup ended up having an ear infection. Which meant tubes and metal things pushed down her ear. And she was also due for her lymes disease shot. Talk about a double whammy. Oh and they cleaned out her ears too which she is NOT a fan of.  So I guess to get back at us for the torture we put her through with the vet, she decided to pee in our office and then later under our kitchen table.

I am done with her today. I can't handle it.  I love her to death, but you can say that tonight we are in a mother daughter argument. We are giving each other the silent treatment.

Let's see who cracks first to apologize....

Hint: Won't be me!

Dec 7, 2011

Rain, go away

Want to know what's the worst thing to do in the rain?  It is to walk a dog to go do its business outside.

Sadie, who just recently turned six months, does NOT like the rain.  The minute I take her out, she's like "Oh hell no, I am NOT getting my hair wet so you can then sit me down and comb me.  Oh hell no."  TRUE STORY.

This dog understands that rain is no good.  And when I know that she has to poop, she holds her shit (literally) in.  It's like, if you just poop within the minute I take you out, we BOTH can go inside.  But NOOOOO.... she gets all prissy and looks at me with those darn puppy eyes.  Damn those puppy eyes!

She will pee, but sometimes we are forced to carry her, walk around our apartment building and then put her down in the grass area over there, where she will then poop.  God forbid she gets her paws wet to walk around the building.  She's all like, "carry me bitches!"

So right now, she's barking at me which tells me that she wants to go out.  Of course, it's pouring rain.  She goes down the steps and immediately goes to the muddy puddle and starts to drink it.  Seriously, with all this water coming down on you and knowing how much you hate the rain, you're going to stand to drink from a puddle instead of peeing and pooping so we can go inside the DRY apartment.

I just don't get it.

But, the puppy eyes get me every time.  Love my fur baby, cone and all.
Sadie at six months.  With her cone.  Ha!

Dec 4, 2011

It's December? Holy poo....

I can't believe it is December already.  Time is flying by! 

This weekend the pups and I had the apartment all to ourselves! The hubs was away on a boys weekend.  Boy did me and the pups enjoy.  I think we saw about five movies. Caught up on The Ellen show on my dvr and we are currently watching the Giants game while waiting for the hubs to get home.  We are Giants fans in this household.  :)

I mention that there have been some major changes at work this week.  It was super hectic.  I told everyone Friday that I changed my name.  That's all I heard all day Friday was my name. So crazy!  But, I am just thankful that I still have a job and pray for the one person who was laid off. 

Tomorrow is going to be crazy as well.... well the whole week.  I will need lots of coffee and meds considering I will be on my period. Let's hope I don't lash out on anyone. Ha!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I sure did! Now I am off to get some meds for my headache. 

Sadie says: bow wow wow to you all.  I think that means hi in puppy world.

Nov 30, 2011


We had some major changes at work today. Like new company buying us changes. I am happy with the changes.  I am just grateful that I have a job! We will be getting some immediate perks too. Like I got some more money in my offer. Woop woop. It is always a great feeling to get something that you weren't expecting.  No one at my job is losing their job.  God is good!

So I am excited for these changes.  It happened at a perfect time time too.  So many changes to come in the future and this is the best way to start. 

Now let's hope they don't block blogger at work so I can secretly post and read blogs, during my lunch hour of course!

Nov 29, 2011

Random musings....

- I am getting into the holiday spirit and it feels good.

- I can't wait to get to the dollar store to rack up on some xmas decorations.  I refuse to pay five dollars more for the same decor I can get at the dollar store.  WINNING!

- My puppy is one of the greatest things to come into my life. I love her so much and it is amazing to see how happy she is with us. 

- Next year we will travel to Dallas, St. Louis, and Miami.  Holy moly my suitcases are going to be exhausted! 

- My husband is awesome. He is just awesome. That's why I married him, because through bad and good, he is still awesome! Love ya babe.

- My mom is secretly falling in love with my puppy Sadie.  She is not a fan of dogs, but I keep sending her random pics of Sadie with captions "Hi Mima! Love you!"  It is working.  WINNING!

- I am in a good place now.  And it FEELS GOOD! 

Nov 28, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

We have started to decorate for Christmas now that we are settled in our new apartment. 


Nov 24, 2011

gobble gobble.... and throw in a cold

Happy Thanksgiving!

Update on us goes like this:
* we have FINALLY moved everything from our old apartment to the new one. THANK YOU GOD JESUS! 
* I have shit ton of crap all over my new place that still needs to find a place.  Shoot me now. I hate unpacking!
* I woke up yesterday feeling like poo... sore throat and stuffy nose. Today, I feel worse.
* feeling like poo today, I have to manage to put a smile on my face and have a good time at dinner. God help me through this and thank you to the inventor of Dayquill.... my savior!
* I am loving our new apartment and all the space we have. Means less clutter in rooms which looks cleaner and crisp apartment. Oh yeah!
* Sadie and I are about to take a mid morning nap. She has started already....

Nov 21, 2011

High school drama still? Lets talk about reunions...

This year marks my ten year high school anniversary.   So as other high schools do, we had a ten year reunion.  I decided to not go to the reunion because I am friends on facebook with almost every single person who graduated in my class and have seen what everyone is up to.  Also, I can use the $75 bucks for each person towards something better for the hubs and I.  But, this doesn't mean I wasn't kept in the loop via facebook.  The day of the reunion, DRAMA was around.  Status messages from various people went up and boy did it seem like people were fed up.  It reminded me of high school drama all over again.  I thought we all kind of grew up and didn't let small little things work people up. Wrong. Now, I can imagine how stressful it is to be on a planning committe and trying to plan it, but I don't think it gives you the right to yell and bitch and moan to people who aren't going due to various reasons. If they are annoying you, is it so hard to just turn them off?  And let's not assume that just because there was months of notice that everyone can save money for the reunion. Yes, it is conceivable to put a dollar away, but some people might not be able to do that. No one knows of anyones situation. I just feel bad that all of us on facebook saw that drama unfold in our news feed.  I seriously thought high school drama would have been done with. 

Was there drama for your high school reunion?  Did you even go?

Nov 18, 2011

Day two of no stinky armpits

Considering I had to use my hubs deadorant yesterday since I ran out of my own, you would have thought that the first thing I would have done when I got home from work was run to the store....  WRONG

Instead I continued to move crap from the kitchen to our new apartment next door and so this morning had to use the hubs deadorant again.


Shhhh... don't tell the hubs

Nov 17, 2011

No stinky armpits

In the midst of us moving, I have failed to restock on deadorant.  This morning, I was unable to use my deadorant since there was nothing left and I dug out everything I was able to the day before. 

I had no choice but to use the hubs deodorant.

Everytime I lift my arms up, I smell it.  It actually has quite a pleasant smell and it's not manly or anything.  AND, it's keep me dry!


We're moving and TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!

I haven't been on blogger for a long time, due to the fact that our computer is at our new apartment.  We have been in the process of moving these last two weeks. 

We are literally moving next door.  We have a one bedroom now and a two bedroom opened up so we jumped on it.  YAY for more space.  NO, we are not expecting.  We will be using the second bedroom as an office and also we get access to the attic which means storage which means less shit in my apartment!  YAY!

What is hilarious is that to move, we go down our stairs, turn left and walk a half step, go through the door, and up stairs again to our apartment.  We are in the same building just on the other side.  Now most of you would think that it would be an easy move, NOT!  Since we aren't packing boxes, and we have a three weeks to slowly move our stuff in, it is more tedious since I am putting stuff in bags and transferring from this closet to the new one.  The layout is pretty much the same except for an extra closet and the two bedrooms.  But boy am I getting a workout lugging bags back and forth going up and down the stairs.

But I am super excited for the new apartment and especially with all the room we will have.  Less clutter!

Also, yesterday the hubs and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary.  Time flies by when you are having a fantastic time.  I can't believe it has been three years.  I wish I could relive that day because we really had so much fun!

God has truly blessed us.  How awesome.

I will try to keep up through my phone and use my blogger app more.... just pray that this move goes easy!!!!! We are attempting to be moved in by this weekend.... good luck to us.  More good luck to the hubs who is moving all the heavy stuff.  AND our dog is totally confused on which door to go in when we come back from walks since we have been goign through both and introducing her to the new place this past week.  She might think that her mom and pop pop are crazy.  If she only knew!

And one more thing.....


Saturday I am going to see it.  WOOP WOOP