Nov 2, 2010


So, I slack off on blogging for a while (which I missed terribly!) and come to find out while catching up on everyone's blogs that most of my bloggy friends are pregnant!  Seriously, almost all of them are pregnant.

Now, it's so sentimental to me, because I started following most of my blogs when I started blogging right after getting married.  So some of the blogs I have followed from wedding planning to newlyweds.

Does this mean that we have to get pregnant too since all my other bloggy friends are getting pregnant? Is it something in the water?  Clearly we missed the memo.  BUT, it's OK because the hubs and I don't want babies right now.  We are trying to enjoy every last bit of "us" before we embark on a new journey of life being parents.  You can say we are getting our "youth" out of our system.  But boy does it make it harder every year that passes by and every anniversary that passes by because people keep harping on the darn issue of us having kids.  You would think they would get it by now after me saying, NO, WE ARE NOT HAVING BABIES NOW SO LEAVE ME THE FREAK ALONE.  But, people still don't seem to get it. So we have to just deal with it. So I think when we are pregnant, I am not going to tell anyone.  Why should I?  It can be a little experiment to see how long before people get all pissy with us because we didn't tell them we are pregnant.  You know some people (people who probably don't really matter in our lives and just are nosy as heck)  will be PEEVED beyond belief.

And I think we will just do it.  Not tell anyone and live OUR life as we do every other day.  And also enjoy the humor out of it.  Ha!


Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

I definitely feel the pressure of having a baby now that I have been married for a year! Esp since everyone whose blog I've followed since they were engaged now has a bun in the oven or one already, I feel like I should be trying too!!

Joanna Kent said...

Enjoy being married, and you will have a baby when you are ready. Trust me, we are the last of our families to be getting married, so they are all on their second baby I feel the pressure of being behind! But, we are newly weds, you will know when you are ready!

Disbeliever said...

Hey Kenya... It's Kim!!! Anyhow don't feel bad at all your time will come. I'm about a year younger than you and I sadly don't even have a bf!!! Enjoy your kidless life now!!!

Unknown said...

All the pressure to procreate just sucks! And you're so right on, it's usually the nosy people who aren't close to you who seem to 'care' the most about it. :S

ME! said...

I just happened to be ready on the honeymoon, but I understand any couple who wants to wait. And for those who bug you, it won't stop. Once you have a baby then it's "when are you having the second"? AND since I have two girls it's now "when are you trying for a boy"? Yeah, well we aren't!

All in good time. :)

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