Nov 17, 2010

How on earth did we forget that for our anniversary!

Yesterday we got to celebrate our two year anniversary.  We didn't do anything super special but just went out to eat.  Now, since last month, I have been telling the hubs that I can't wait to open the two bottles of Verdi we got as favors from his cousin's wedding.

Can you believe that we completely forgot to open them up when we got home and I only remembered this morning?  I am sure I will forget tonight too.  So, maybe you all can remind me!  

I am also so in love with this picture we took showcasing the bottle of Verdi along with our photo booth strip pictures we took at the wedding.  :)

Nov 16, 2010


today we are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary

happy anniversary to the coolest couple, us


Nov 15, 2010

Farting and your marriage

I was hanging out with my sis-in-crime yesterday and somehow we got a talking about farting and when to do it in a relationship. Yes, these are the awesome conversations we have.  So, for me, I have farted and burped in front of my husband BEFORE we got married.  I didn't want him to divorce me AFTER we got married if he found out that I am more than willing to fart and burp in his presence, and not run to the bathroom and be all discreet about it.  Face it.  He's the hubs and he loves me for me.  Me = includes farting and burping when I have to and not feeling shy about it in front of him.  She told me of another friend who does the same thing.  I give her a thumbs up!

So, did you fart and burp in front of your hubs before you got married?

Nov 12, 2010

My absence in pictures!

So I haven't been blogging like I use to.  I blame it on super craziness going on in my life.  BUT, I  have a treat for you.  A little picture slide show throughout the time I wasn't blogging as much.  Enjoy!

I was forced advised to stay in the ER overnight because my heart was racing a little bit too fast for my doc's liking.

I spent some time with my nephew who LOVES to do a cheesy smile.

I got to spend my birthday this past August with my MonaVie family!  Woop Woop!  Check out my birthday decor. My sash said "Another Fabulous Year" and the pin said "Birthday Girl".  I wore it ALL day while at our huge conference meeting.  Super Fun.  Loved the attention. Will most DEF do it again next year. 

Threw a pirate themed surprise party for my friend.  Here, me and the BFF decided to wear matching shirts.  AND, we even had matching tattoos.  Yeah, we are awesome. We know.

Got to celebrate some drinking with wings.  Sis-in-crime and I had a lot of fun with her iTouch camera.  This picture is 1 of 30.  And I'm not joking.

Immediately when I took this picture, I said "Facebook Profile Picture!!!!  Woop Woop"

Got to go with cool peeps to Medieval Times and scream and yell for our knight to win.  He won.  I  firmly believe he won because I was there screaming at him to win.  It was all because of me.  I am so awesome like that.  Here, the hubs and I are enjoying a not big enough cup of pina colada.

And I  mostly enjoyed some quality time with the hubs.  Because we rock.

SEE..... I told you we rock!  Don't you love this pic?  I took it.  So say you love it because if not, we can't be internet friends anymore.  AND, that bottle was the favors from the wedding.  We have two of them.  We are going to open them up for our 2 year wedding anniversary coming up on November 16!!!!!  <3

Please note the last picture in the photo booth strip.  I have my finger up the hubs nose.  His laughter tells me he likes it.  Again, we are the most awesome couple out there.  Because of pictures like that. 

Nov 11, 2010

Tis the season for "When the wife gets to wear the hubs lounge pants and use it as her pajamas".

So, there's a LOT going on in my life.  Nothing bad, all good.  But I just can't talk about it yet.  I know... tease I am!

Moving on.... I want to say how excited I am for this time of the year.  No, not thanksgiving or christmas or the winter season coming along... I am talking about the season called "When the wife gets to wear the hubs lounge pants and use it as her pajamas". 

Yep, this is the time of year that I hijack the hubs lounge pants and wear them around the house and to sleep in.  I don't know what it is about his lounge pants, but they are SUPER DUPER comfortable.  Granted, they are big and drag all over the floor, but I still love to wear them.  It has come to the point where I wear certain lounge pants that the hubs has desginated for me to use.  Hilarious.  They have little Corona bottles on them. 

Yeah, that's how aweosme our marriage is.


Nov 4, 2010

Politics and Idiots on FB

So, since it was the whole election time process, people on Facebook have gone crazy with posting status updates about the elections.

Want to know where the "Idiot" part comes in?  I will gladly tell you.

Idiot on Facebook is the person who posts their OPINION on Facebook.  Now, there is nothing wrong with posting your opinion, it is your fb page, you have a right to voice it.  But the idiot part comes in when you start bashing other people who comment on your status with their OPINION.  If you can't handle it, then don't post it.  Seriously, you just look like an ass when you get all angry because someone else posted their opinion in reference to your post.  Be a grown up about it.  Back up your facts!!!!!  Don't start preaching if you can't back it up with valid reasons, because you then look MORE like an idiot.

Ahhh... the joys of election time via Facebook.  I've seen some real funny stuff.
How about you guys?  Seen any good Facebook arguments over politics?

Nov 2, 2010


So, I slack off on blogging for a while (which I missed terribly!) and come to find out while catching up on everyone's blogs that most of my bloggy friends are pregnant!  Seriously, almost all of them are pregnant.

Now, it's so sentimental to me, because I started following most of my blogs when I started blogging right after getting married.  So some of the blogs I have followed from wedding planning to newlyweds.

Does this mean that we have to get pregnant too since all my other bloggy friends are getting pregnant? Is it something in the water?  Clearly we missed the memo.  BUT, it's OK because the hubs and I don't want babies right now.  We are trying to enjoy every last bit of "us" before we embark on a new journey of life being parents.  You can say we are getting our "youth" out of our system.  But boy does it make it harder every year that passes by and every anniversary that passes by because people keep harping on the darn issue of us having kids.  You would think they would get it by now after me saying, NO, WE ARE NOT HAVING BABIES NOW SO LEAVE ME THE FREAK ALONE.  But, people still don't seem to get it. So we have to just deal with it. So I think when we are pregnant, I am not going to tell anyone.  Why should I?  It can be a little experiment to see how long before people get all pissy with us because we didn't tell them we are pregnant.  You know some people (people who probably don't really matter in our lives and just are nosy as heck)  will be PEEVED beyond belief.

And I think we will just do it.  Not tell anyone and live OUR life as we do every other day.  And also enjoy the humor out of it.  Ha!