Oct 28, 2010

A Sad Day

My uncle, dad's brother, has passed away this week.

This means that my dad has lost his brother and sister within 4 months of each other.  Which means the family has been going through some really tough times.  As of now, My dad and uncles seem to be doing OK, considering.  But no one ever really knows.  Today, I will attend a funeral where I will see family that I haven't seen in a long time and family that I see all the time.  It's a bittersweet moment.  Tomorrow I will attend a burial ceremony.  These next two days will be tough, but I know that us as a family will get through it with all the support we receive from family and friends.  And because we have to get through it.  Why?  Because we just do.  It's a part of life.  It's the only way forward.

The way I think about it, my uncle has now joined my three other uncles and aunt along with my grandma and grandpa.  I'm sure they're up in heaving welcoming my uncle with open arms.  I can see it now, they are up in heaven having some nice strong black coffee with bread listening to old time Spanish music.

May my uncle rest in peace and suffer no more.

Oct 25, 2010

Asking for prayers

I have been missing in action again!  Things have been super busy and any moment I get to relax, I do just that.  I have about 13 Ellen shows on the DVR that I haven't had time to watch.  This makes me sad.

But, yesterday was a not so great day.  I have an uncle who is in the hospital.  He had four heart attacks within an hour and half while in the hospital.  So things are not looking so great right now.  I just ask you all to keep my uncle and family in your prayers as we go through this difficult time.

I am positive that things will work out for the best.

Thanks for the prayers and support my bloggy friends!                                                  

Oct 19, 2010

Before and After picture of the ME!

I changed things up a bit in my life.  I am known to go into the beauty salon and come out looking like a completely different person.

Proven Fact.....



There is no secret that I have been a blonde hair girl before, but this time I am really loving it.  Blonde highlights on top, dark brown underneath = looks amazing when the hair is let down and intertwined!!!!

I haven't done this for a while so it feels GREAT.  Hope you all like!

Oct 14, 2010


Confession:  I'm OBSESSED with my wedding rings.  

Now, you all probably are "obsessed" with your wedding rings, but I am REALLY obsessed with them.  I love my wedding rings soooo darn much that I can probably have an album of at least 50 pictures of them.  Seriously. 

So, I always maintain my rings clean and all that good stuff.  The other day at work, I was sitting and noticed something out of the corner of my eye.  My ring was not sparkling as much as it usually does.  Then it happens.  I look down and AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...... 

I am MISSING a diamond from my wedding  band!  Freak out!  Then 20 seconds later relax and realize not the biggest deal.  My wedding band has a row of round diamonds alternating between sapphire ones.  Um yeah, I wanted to  be different with my wedding rings and I love blue!  What was I saying??  Oh yeah... 

So, of course one of the little round diamonds in BETWEEN two sapphire ones ( like really, I couldn't have lost the sapphire one, it JUST HAD TO BE the diamond one...grrrr).  So, I immediately start to look on the floor around my desk because I know when I left in the morning, my rings were perfect. I start to look and realize there is no way I am going to find this diamond amongst the carpet in my office which I have made several trips here and there throughout the morning.  So, now I'm a sad little person sitting in my chair moping.  

"Why my rings!!! Why.... I take such good care of them!!!"

So, the sadness stops and I call the husband.  

Me: " Hi,you busy?"
Hubs: " No, what's up?"
Me: " Ilostadiamondinmyweddingbandandhavenoideawhenitcameoffandihaditthismorningandican'tfinditatwork."


Me: "It's not the engagement ring diamond, but from my wedding band and I'm so sad babe.... waaahhhh."
Hubs: "What?!?!  That's unbelievable.  The jeweler probably did a bad job of setting them in.  I can't believe this."
Me: "Well, I don't think it's that.  It has been almost two years and I haven't gone to the jeweler to check my stones like I probably should have.  It's OK.  It's just a small diamond that I can get replaced.  Shouldn't cost me that much.  Just sucks it had to happen to me babe... waaaahhhh.:"
Hubs: " Ok, let me know what the jeweler says."

So, I call my best friend because he was the one who introduced us to the jeweler and he says, " Oh yeah, that's happened before and he said sometimes when you wash your hands and clean dishes the chemicals loosen it up."

Me: "Well, I never take my rings off so maybe that's it.  You think he's going to charge me a lot?"
Best Friend: "He didn't charge me last time."
Me: "I should go with you then.... (hoping that he will say, well I will come with you!)'
Best Friend: "Sure, I'll go with you."

So, we went to the jeweler and I explained to him what happened and he put a new diamond in my wedding band. 

Cost: $0.00

Awesome right.  My jeweler is now my best friend, he just doesn't' know it yet.

Oct 13, 2010

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles - 4; Squirrels - 0

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles - 4; Squirrels - 0

Yep, there is a score.  I have unfortunately ended the life of a squirrel 4 times.

You would think by now that the squirrels know who I am and stay away from my car,but instead they like to race across the street JUST as I am driving.  Then BOOM.

This actually makes me sad, but this fourth time it happened is making me realize that it is really annoying!  I have squirrels all over the place in the area I live and I am convinced they are just plain stupid.

That Geico commercial is more like a documentary for squirrels. And to prove to you I am not kidding that this happens to me all the time, please read my past post about the same thing!  You will also tell that the number has been raised by 2 in between that past post and this one.

Oh the joys of squirrels....

Oct 12, 2010

I still have followers... makes me happy

so yeah, I have been gone for a long time.

I guess I took break without letting all m bloggy friends know. Shame on me.  I'm sorry.  But I really hope you stick around  because I realized that blogging makes me so happy and I missed all of my bloggy friends.

Why was I gone?  A trip to the hospital will do it.  I'll explain more about that later.  But i'm ok for now.

So, I have to slow my life down.  Work has been SUPER DUPER busy.  And Stressful.  Hence the hospital trip with my heart that thought it was in a drag race.

But, I'm back.  I hope you missed me.  I missed you.

Usually when I stop blogging for a few weeks, a whole bunch of bloggy friends announce big things.  So, anything I should know about that I missed?